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The Cove released in Japanese for free online
Startup Claims It Can Sell Your Used MP3s Legally
(((I doubt it, but it might be fun to watch ’em try…)))
Lost at sea: On the trail of Moby-Duck
Photographs from Google Street View: art, journalism or something else altogether?
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LetterMPress Kickstarter Project
Melting Smiley
Cotton prices at an alltime high:

Why Are Cotton Prices Increasing And Affecting Prices Of Denim Jeans And Other Apparel ?
This week, cotton futures prices topped $2.00 per pound. A year or so ago, the big debate in the cotton world was whether cotton could reach the history-setting level of a $1.00 per pound.


swissmiss | Communication Crisis
I have reached a personal communication crisis. Too many channels. Too many messages. Too much noise. Too much guilt.

Guilt? Not me, I simply delete most email I receive. Sometimes I leave email in my inbox for a few weeks… and then delete it.
Note from a friend:

I like to encourage my students to have a practice of some type. Many of them will say, “I meditate in the bath” or “I meditate while I clean the house.” It’s not that I don’t feel one can make these activities meditative; I’m just not sure that they’re appropriate substitutions for sitting meditation. I asked a Buddhist about this & the reply was that sitting meditation teaches you to be meditative in other activities. Just curious what your take is.

My reply:

Meditation is not thinking, it is also not not-thinking. Meditation is not sleeping, is not drowsing, is not relaxing. Meditation is not a passive state, it is active.

In my opinion one might increase one’s awareness while doing things such as cleaning the house, doing the dishes, taking a walk and so on, but it is categorically NOT meditation. Meditation is a single activity, not an overlay one can add to other activities.

Of course it is great when people increase their awareness – especially while handling sharp objects, cars or powertools! – but increasing awareness is not meditation. One does not make activities meditative… but one can bring more awareness to these activities. Sitting meditation teaches a person to be more aware in other activities, but one does not become more meditative in other activities.


  1. dave

    9-eyes: blue ball & red butterfly are my favs.

  2. Panj

    Ottmar have you ever thought any more about having small groups to Santa Fe with some instuctions?


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