La Luna

02011-02-08 | Music | 11 comments

That’s La Luna from the Duncan Theater in Lake Worth, Florida, on 21. January. I think it is remarkable how good Houman sounds here already, as it was only his second concert with us. This is an American rhythm and the lilt or swing of it is very different from Arabic or Flamenco music. Enjoy!

OL – Flamenco Guitar
Jon Gagan – Fretless Electric Bass Guitar
Michael Chavez – Drumkit
Houman Orei – Cajon

Recorded live to stereo by Jaren Coler.


  1. Victor

    HI I tried to listen to the file that was just posted on 2.8.11 @ 11:02 called la Luna and the player said file not found. Just a FYI

  2. Ottmar

    FYI – I checked it on three different browsers and it is working for me.

  3. Carol Anderson

    That was wonderful, and it was nice and long. Thank you for letting us hear it. So uplifting on a overcast cold day!

  4. Victor

    Beautiful, was able to get it to work with Firefox and would not work with Safari

  5. Brenda

    Smiling standing Ovation!

  6. steve

    Works fine on WebKit.

  7. steve

    I should mention: that’s WebKit for Mac OS X (r78038- Prior versions may not work)

  8. Victor Hornback

    The show that night was beautiful to experience! You guys seemed to play with such ease and joy – great music – thanks!

  9. Kaz

    You’ve achieved in making a beautiful song… stunning. The way you’ve performed it seems more mature in a contemporary style. Love the Cajon, at times it appears to sound like another totally bakes in with the other three instruments..You never seem to limit yourself when it comes to discovering new sounds and rhythms to aromatize your music with. Congratulations.

  10. Panj

    Danke sehr, Ottmar!

  11. Bi Zhaoqi

    Thank you, Ottmar. This is beautiful, and the next best thing to being there. You have such positive energy playing live. I could listen to this stuff all day–and often, I do!


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