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This morning the thermostat showed 54º, a thermometer in the kitchen read 50.9º, and the outside temperature was 0º. I am pretty impressed that my house only lost 8º between yesterday afternoon and early this morning.

By this afternoon I should have heat again.

I am reading a book called The Ego Tunnel: The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self. Neuro science for laypeople, I guess. I highlighted a few paragraphs:


And finally, and most importantly:

I heard Roshi Joan Halifax speak about the many new studies coming online soon, long term studies involving neuro science and meditation. Hopefully I’ll hear more about this in June. I agreed to do a solo performance at the Mind & Life conference in New York and will spend a couple of days before my performance being a fly on the wall.


  1. Carol Anderson

    It must be less fun to play music when your fingers are cold…hmm…and very difficult when wearing mittens. Is your studio climate controlled?

  2. Adam Solomon

    Not just less fun but nearly impossible, if it’s too cold! The right hand especially, when you’re playing on a classical or flamenco guitar, needs a lot of dexterity, and the cold really hurts that. Much harder to play a trémolo, or some flowing arpegios, or what have you.

  3. yumi

    I liked the sentence above your first highlighted page:
    “If you are conscious, the overall process of perceiving, learning, and living creates a context for itself – and that is how your reality turns into a lived reality.”

    …and that lived reality is full (hopefully) of the depth of what can be experienced.

    A full experience.


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