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This Morning at 08:25 the outside temperature was -2F, or nearly -19C. Pretty cold, especially since only a few days ago we had temperatures in the mid-fifties.

The CD containing some of the music from the second Florida concert, which we thought was special, arrived at our office. I will get a hold of it some time this week.

My favorite word of the day: cacoethes
It means irresistible urge or mania. The word makes an irresistible urge sound like a disease. My love for you is a cacoethes. Hm, something sweet for a Valentine’s day card perhaps? It comes from the Greek language, of course. :-)

The beauty of cursive writing (((or, why I had to look around to find a school that teaches cursive writing, so that I will be able to exchange letters with my child, and won’t have to read text or email)))
Thanks for the link MC. Years from now they will discover that learning to write cursive actually stimulates certain neurological growth and is as important as memorization in terms of brain stimulation.

New York Subway Strings (Vimeo) – cute.

90 year old Kung Fu master (YouTube)

Snowcrash anyone?

Saving Alexandria

(found here)

Photoblog – Muslim dignitaries at Auschwitz to honor Jews killed during the Holocaust.
A large number of Muslim dignitaries are visiting Auschwitz to pay tribute to the millions of Jews and others who were systematically killed during the Holocaust – a visit made to fight anti-Semitism and bridge cultural rifts.

David Byrne rant regarding Egypt

I wondered where the name Canola came from. No longer:
Marginal Revolution: *Euphemania: Our Love Affair with Euphemisms*
When the unfortunately named rapeseed oil had trouble competing with products that had nicer names, a Canadian strain low in saturated fat was dubbed Canola (i.e., “Canadian oil”) in 1978 and has done rather well since.


  1. Adam Solomon

    The photo of the Bosnian Grand Mufti at Auschwitz is beautiful; thanks for sharing it.

  2. Carol Anderson

    I have been concerned about the latest library of Alexandria. Thank you for the link. Books are so important. They’ll be around long after people have no idea how to read disks, films, and other electronic magic.
    We lost a lot when that library burned because of narrow-minded people.

    And if we lose the ability to read cursive writing we will have lost a great deal of our past. Besides, it’s fun to be able to do both manuscript and Cursive, isn’t it?

  3. Ottmar

    Well, Carol, the USA has supported the Egyptian president for decades, as well as other semi-dictators in the region. That was surely a mistake and may well haunt us now. The politicians elected in this country haven’t done very well in terms of Middle East politics in the last four decades. I have the impression, from reading articles in the Guardian and the New York Times regarding wikileaks that while many of the career politicians, i.e. people working in American embassies abroad, seemed to have a pretty good grasp on what was going on, the elected politicians sadly did not.


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