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Adam Solomon commented on 2011/01/15 at 12:24 – found it today as WordPress thought it was spam:

Well, that’s interesting – click one of the download links and you’re not brought to Rapidshare but rather to a page like this:

So they’re not being given away. The prices are dirt cheap so I’d think there’s still something fishy going on. My first guess was that this site is making a pure profit off this and not giving any proceeds to copyright holders, but their legal info page at least claims otherwise:

It cites Russian copyright law (which might well be a loophole) but claims “In accordance with the License provisions, MUSICLINE LTD executes license payments for all compositions downloaded from the site subject to International Copyright Law.” Do you know if you’d see any money from sales on sites like this?

Adam I have mentioned Russian piracy several times before. Russia simply does not have a digital copyright law and the website you are citing from makes up bullshit to snow people who do not know better. The prices are so low because no artist or label receives a damned cent from these pirates. One would think the Russian government is to blame for not signing the international copyright treaty for digital downloads or for not creating a digital copyright law for Russia.

Sadly many people read the legal bullshit, which is entirely made up and often even includes fake and worthless certificates, and think that they are doing something legal.

And these guys seem to change URLs frequently, I suspect they are the same folks who ran and others.


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