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This time we set up the drumkit and percussion so that Michael and Houman would face each other and could see Jon and I easily. It also reduced the sound of the drumkit to the audience (((drumkits are designed to spread maximum sound forward, not side-ways))) and I was told that the balance sounded better than last year with the plastic shield around the drums:

Shadow on Houman’s cajon:

Chairs backstage at the Duncan Theatre.

This was our second performance together and one of our best concerts in quite a while, Jon and I thought. Everything came together. The grooves were very good and musically we stepped into nice territory. We were all thrilled and elated afterwards. Jaren made a recording, but the CD is with him at the moment. As soon as I get it in the mail I will upload a few songs for you to hear.

You can view cell phone snapshots from this tour here.


  1. Carol Anderson

    Your photography gets better all the time. those are wonderful photos. Thank you.

  2. dave

    Great photo album. Especially liked IMG_1712. ;-)

  3. Kaz

    Wow..congrats on the performance, I’m sure it sounds great! Can’t wait to hear the tunes! BTW..Just wondering what that black tape on the cajon is for??

  4. Ottmar

    Kaz – Houman taped the little in-ear-monitor amp-pack to the side of the cajon with gaff-tape. 1001 uses!

  5. Kaz

    Cool! Good Idea! thx Ottmar!

  6. Panj

    God Speed Guys!!!…what a Blessing that we will be able to hear some of the pieces from the road…and the pics are great…the ‘Crossing Florida’ is an absolute classic!!!
    Is George traveling with you guys or a stage cat?…Handsome fellow…:-)…bon voyage!

  7. Bi Zhaoqi

    Thanks for sharing! My wife and I were so sad to miss the Florida concert this year. We recently moved and seriously considered flying down just for the concert, but couldn’t make it. Meanwhile, I’m lobbying local venues to bring you here. Looking forward to hearing a few of the songs!


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