Europe in the Spring

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Mar 22 – Riga, Latvia – The Great Guild Hall
Mar 24 – Freiburg, Germany – Jazzhaus
Mar 25 – Ghent, Belgium – Handelsbeurs
Mar 27 – Munich, Germany – Carl Orff Saal
Mar 28 – Hannover, Germany – Pavillon
Mar 29 – Cologne, Germany – Kulturkirche
Mar 30 – Mainz, Germany – Frankfurter Hof
Apr 01 – Istanbul, Turkey – Jazz Cafe
Apr 02 – Istanbul, Turkey – Jazz Cafe
Apr 04 – Athens, Greece – Badminton Theater
Apr 05 – Trento, Italy – Teatro Sociale
Apr 08 – Piangipane, Italy – Teatro Sociale

I think a third Italian concert will happen on the sixth or seventh.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Not a bad spring break! Just don’t do anything too wild and crazy ;)

    Here’s hoping an England date shows up on there.

  2. Boris

    Oh, Adam! Take a look at a map and find out that Ghent is not too far away from the place you are at right now. You might need to stay one night but hey, you will have travelled by the Eurostar train crossing the channel underground! You might stay at my place in Brussels probably – depending if I myself do not vote for spending a day in Ghent and the next at the coast. Brussels is a 45min train ride from Ghent, btw … Think about it!

  3. Adam Solomon

    Thanks for the offer Boris!! I will definitely consider it. Hmm, March 25, about a week or so after lectures end so I’ll definitely have time though there’s a possibility I might be back in Granada then (it allures, it allures!).


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