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Cold days. I am working on mixes in the studio. Nine are nearly finished, with four still to go. I expect to have good, if not perfect, mixes of all tracks before we leave for Florida this month.

Also working on a setlist for January and March – which might possibly become the setlist for the rest of the year. A look to the past – bringing back “Passing Storm” and “Turkish Night” for example – and forward.


It’s a question of resolution. Do we want the 8 bit black and white version or 64 bit with millions of colors. Higher resolution = greater bio diversity.

Marginal Revolution: *The World in 2050*
No doubt we humans will survive anything, even if polar bears and Arctic cod do not.  Perhaps we could support nine hundred billion if we choose a world with no large animals, pod apartments, genetically engineered to algae to eat, and desalinized toilet water to drink.  Or perhaps nine hundred million if we choose a wilder planet, generously restocked with the creatures of our design.  To be, the more important question is not of capacity but of desire: What kind of world do we want?

Undercity Video (Vimeo)
Undercity covered by the NYT
Undercity website

Looking for miracles in odd places (photo)
Photographs of the partial solar eclipse (photos)

Mochi, the silent killer (Wallstreet Journal)

Outlawed, Cellphones Are Thriving in Prisons
Interesting point: cellphone jamming versus managed access.

Detroit in photographs


  1. steve

    “No doubt we humans will survive anything…”

    Laughing out loud … hopefully they’re being sarcastic…

  2. yumi

    At nine mixes…

    Maybe a tedious process, but I would look at that as a sign of a very good outcome.


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