Winter Cometh

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Fall weather until yesterday, too warm and too dry. Then the snow came.

A Jaron Lanier quote I came across:

Information can hypnotize you. It can make you think you’re wise, when you aren’t.
– Jaron Lanier

A couple of brief, but good interview segments with Lanier here.

What happens when a disgruntled employee gains access to the xmas lights.

The Daily Patdown
Your daily dose of security theater
(Via Daring Fireball)


Yahoo to Close
The whole Delicious team was fired yesterday, according to a friend who works at Yahoo.

I remember when I had an account… Now I save URLs or archive web pages with Evernote and Yojimbo. Will Flickr be next? Not that it matters to me, because my Pro-account ends on the 28th and I will delete it in the new year. And all the while Yahoo’s CEO made $47,000,000 this year.

I may have linked to this Guardian interview with Jaron Lanier before, but no matter, it’s worth repeating. (YouTube)

Kowloon Walled City documentary (YouTube)

And from the illegal noodle factory in the above video we move to the legal silicone machine – aren’t they similar!!! – in this video by designer Scott Wilson (who, by the way, came to several of our shows in Portland).

And another video. Cute stop-motion Moleskine add (YouTube)

This is great news:

Appeals Court Holds That Email Privacy Protected by Fourth Amendment
(Via Daring Fireball)

Kids and adults cut themselves in India
Teach your children well…

Icebear on the street (photo)
(Via Ektopia)

Let it dough!
Christoph Niemann for the New York Times.


  1. lindaw

    Beautiful snowy table photo, this is so needed! It felt great to trudge through the snow to get to work this morning!

    I’m not surprised about Delicious, they were not doing well when I supported the product over 2 years ago, they have not improved at all. I have used Evernote since beta, its quite handy for Mac & iPhone (The PC app isn’t so nice). Not sure about Flickr, I don’t have a third the images that you have stored there.

  2. yumi

    Thank you for the years of beautiful photos.

  3. dave

    Yes, thank you for all the flickr photos. It’s been a great ride!

  4. Luz

    I too shall miss the photos. It was a wonderful view you allowed your fans to experience. Gracias.

  5. Boris

    I second my pre-commentators. Thank you for sharing such a lot of beautiful photos over the years. Very inspiring ones. Fortunately I have saved a good deal to my computer.

  6. lindaw

    I think I have been a follower of your photos since we both opened Flickr accounts. I do have a great deal of my favorite captures on my computer, but I will miss seeing the new shots.

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us all.

  7. Brenda

    Your photo’s gave me an opportunity of renewal to remember that life speaks loudest when we do not speak. Thank you for changing my life to search for the good, true and beautiful in the capture of time. Thank you and God Bless you Bunches. :-)

  8. Steve (brokerbiker)

    Yes, I share everyone’s sentiments on your photos. They are great & motivated me to slow down to shoot photos again too.


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