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Government at work:
EPA Document Shows It Knowingly Allowed Pesticide That Kills Honey Bees !!!
Somebody is doing a great job looking out for our environment.

Prisoners and Patriots (Vimeo video)

The untold story of the Santa Fe Internment Camp, a Department of Justice-run facility set up to detain Japanese-Americans and Japanese nationals during World War II. Former internees and declassified government documents tell the story of life behind barbed wire in this camp that stayed in operation for several months after the war ended. Video is a 5-minute excerpt of a forthcoming documentary by Neil H. Simon.

It’s about time that this story is told to a larger audience.

From the Dzogchen Center’s weekly words of wisdom:

Life is not a problem to be solved.
It is a mystery to be experienced.

– Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke is fiendishly difficult to translate. Wonder what the original quote is.

And here are the questions you need to answer to win one of five 1999 Holiday Metal Box CDs. This is a very very limited edition that was made for a few friends only. I don’t want this to be uploaded to the web in any form, not to YouTube and not to your personal FaceBook page. I also don’t want to find this on E-Bay. If you can’t promise that the CD will NOT end up on the Internet, either in the form of files or to be sold or auctioned off, then please don’t play this game, don’t answer the questions, or at least mention in your answer-comment that you can’t accept the CD because you cannot NOT upload stuff. I am cool with you ripping the CD for your own personal use, e.g. to listen to the music on your computer, iPod or media player, but I am not OK with giving copies of those files to your friends. Think of this CD package as a piece of art – you wouldn’t photocopy an original drawing or print that was gifted to you, in order to hand the copies to your friends, would you? Well, maybe you would, but in that case please let me know in advance, so I can give the CD to another person. This was never a commercial release and is therefore unlike the other albums we have created and sold.

Hey, I am not trying to be precious or difficult, but not everything ought to be shared with the world, and these are the rules for this giveaway.

Question #1:
Which year did OL and LN perform multiple nights at the Greek Theater in L.A. with Santana?

Question #2:
Which wine was consumed by OL and Jon Gagan on the very last night of recording “The Hours Between Night + Day”, resulting in the track “Temple Dawn”?

Question #3:
On which track from “Nouveau Flamenco” can a squeeky chair be clearly heard?

If you have followed the Diary over the years, you might know all of the asnwers… if not, that might be a good place to look. Good luck. The first five correct answers will receive the metal box from me and I’ll pay for shipping.


  1. Brenda

    Oh My, I better get busy reading to find out the answers..Research time..Never give up…Thanks for the opportunity to play the game and yes, I would honor and respect your rules…if I win. :-)

  2. Steve(Brokerbiker)

    Ottmar- i think the Tour was 1996 when my som and I saw you & Santana when we lived in El Paso- great show.
    Silver Oak wine according to Liner Notes
    Passing Storm on Nouveau Flamenco

  3. lindaw

    I agree with steve here..

    I was just listening to “passing storm”

    You were at the Greek in 96 with Santana and the liner notes of HBD&N are tributing Silver Oak wineries!

  4. lindaw

    Passing Storm is one of my favorite tunes, BTW ;-)

  5. Gerry

    Yes the answers are 1/ 1996. 2/ Silver Oak – probably Cab Sauvignon. 3/ Passing Storm.
    The wine question was tricky – but its there in the notes.

  6. Gerry

    Were we supposed to post the answers here??? Doh!

  7. lindaw

    Dunno Gerry, Ottmar didnt say

  8. Steve(Brokerbiker)

    That should be my son saw OL & Santana with me in ELP in 1996. He was 8 at the time & was taking guitar lessons with Dan Lambert, a recorded artist in ELP. Chris went to see Santana but came away so impressed with OL. Chris plays professionally today.

  9. Luz

    Well, there goes my answers but to be exact on the dates are 9/20, 9/21,& 9/22 of 1996 and yes to Passing Storm and Silver Oak.

  10. Vic

    1: 1996
    2: Silver Oak provided by Greg Gorman.
    3. Passing Storm

  11. Carol Anderson

    Now I have to listen for the chair in Passing Storm. I’m so used to every bit of it being a part of the music. At least I know where you’re dryer is :) Glad to see good friends are getting such great, happy Christmas music.
    Like I say, you’re a good guy, Ottmar!

  12. Jason

    ??Why are the answers are posted here?

  13. Brenda

    I am going to agree with Vic.. Smiles!!!
    1: 1996
    2: Silver Oak provided by Greg Gorman.
    3. Passing Storm

  14. Ottmar

    Very good. Evidently I should have thought up more difficult questions!!
    Jason: I mentioned “answer-comment” in the post. I thought that made it clear. I am sorry if it didn’t.


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