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This will be the last post before my little retreat, which starts Tuesday Morning. I will maintain radio silence until the weekend.

You pay your singers? (video)
A funny and brilliant little video!
Here is the direct link on YouTube. I hope it get spread far and wide.

The Art of Interruption – by Steve Martin

Here is a pair of viewpoints of current affiars that is, perhaps, a little different from most media outlets:
Not such wicked leaks – by the great Intalian author Umberto Eco
The Shameful Attacks on Julian Assange

Machete don’t text (YouTube)

From Canton, in the evening:

It’s from this book: Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age. It is not available for Kindle, but I found it for eight bucks on Nook, Barnes & Noble, and started reading it. Highly recommended.


  1. Steve(brokerbiker)

    Hate to deal with a matter of commerce here, but I placed an order with SSRI for 2 CDs for my friend and the order is in limbo? I sent two emails and did not receive a response. I have ordered before and would like to resolve this. Thanks.

  2. John Craig

    OL ~ If you like this book, check out Life Inc by him.

    Peace ~ John

    Would love to hear your view on “Program or Be Programmed”


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