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Great recording session with Robby and Jon at my studio in the Morning. Jon engineered and Robby played cajon and djembe on several tracks for the 2011 re-release of The Santa Fe Sessions. I am shooting for a late Spring release under the simple title Santa Fe.

I noticed that Asiabeat’s album is now available on iTunes: Monsoon – Asiabeat
(See this entry and this one from 2009)

Another album you might want to check out: Mira Que Te Diga – Antonio Ramos “Maca”. Maca played bass on albums by Vicente Amigo and many others. Some of the music on this album is excellent, some of it a bit Marcus Miller derivative. I like the wild mix of tunes, which is all over the place, like Tino di Geraldo’s album “Tino” from a few year ago. It is interesting that a lot of the basic building blocks are very similar to the sound of a certain bass player we know, the Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes and so on. A timeless sound. It might be fun to create a playlist with the songs from Transit 2 and Mira Que Te Diga and then hit shuffle.

Kurzweil’s predictions:

IEEE Spectrum: Ray Kurzweil’s Slippery Futurism
As he said at the TED conference in February 2005:
By 2010 computers will disappear. They’ll be so small, they’ll be embedded in our clothing, in our environment. Images will be written directly to our retina, providing full-immersion virtual reality, augmented real reality. We’ll be interacting with virtual personalities.

Ha! Maybe by 2020? Although I am sure I won’t care one way or another. I am happy to immerse myself in my life instead of VR…

A Google Alert with my name mainly finds URLs of illegal filesharing of my albums, but today I found this:

Sofia Milos entertains to a Latin beat – The Globe and Mail
“Ottmar Liebert’s Spanish Steps/Rome in May is rhythmic guitar, romantic. Sometimes you have slower ballads that could be interpreted as a downer, but this isn’t because it’s rhythmic.”

Close the Washington Monument
Right on the money, and begging for a great t-shirt campaign.

The 92nd Street Y should feel ashamed:

92nd Street Y goes “American Idol” on Steve Martin – Celebrity –
Customers are wrong all the freaking time. If you think paying for a ticket entitles you to call the shots on how something clearly billed as a “lecture and conversation” is supposed to go, if you believe your entertainment should be as crowdsourced as Bristol Palin’s dance career, here’s the scoop: no. And to rudely demand otherwise is beyond wild. That’s downright crazy.


  1. Steve (brokerbiker)

    Thanks for sharing this link on the crowdsourced influence of media on entertainment. I have experienced very thoughtful performances while other attendees shouted out ‘requests’ at the artists. Isn’t this like the tea party rallies where the participants feel they must put on a spectacle and scream rather than allow discourse? I took a friend to see Ottmar perform in Houston this Summer and she was so moved by the joy & peace she felt he radiated in his performance. As Fr Rohr’s post today “Remember:  Your life is not about you.  You are about life!”

  2. dave

    Hmmm, maybe I’ll email you the setlist I want to hear before your next Boston show. ;-)

  3. dave

    I guess some people can’t identify Steve Martin with anything but comedy.

  4. yumi

    “The notion that the customer is always right, as anyone who’s ever worked in customer service knows, is a flat-out lie. Customers are wrong all the freaking time.”

    No, customers are not always wrong all of the time, just as customers are not always right. The saying is a bad one that we’ve all grown up with here.

    One of my relatives (E) who had his own business, noted over the years a standard of behavior from the public that he thought lowered society as a whole due to this saying. He used to say that a whole generation would grow up with the expectation that they are owed something.

  5. Brenda

    In general, Customers are not interested in developing long lasting relationships with vendors. In general, Vendors are interested in developing long lasting loyal customers. When the heart of the customer and the vendor choose to communicate truthfully, we will expect the best of these human beings. Everyone has different values. It is good when the public that has no values meets the vendor who does have values. Goodness of truth and value is alive but our world has grown in the size of a second, minute and hour. Patience to stop and listen opens us to a customer that is always right.


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