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This is a repeat from last year:

Here are a few songs from the rehearsal on September 16th, for the trio-concert at Villa Montalvo in Saratoga. These are quick rough mixes that we used to memorize the changes in the set. The snare is a bit too loud and you might notice several mistakes, but I like the energy. In September Dave commented on the trio-version of Heart Still/Beating: a modern mellow version of Cream. Actually, that was some of our inspiration – the old rock trios of guitar, bass and drumkit.

Here is Morning Arrival:

Download Morning Arrival in Goa here.

Serenity on Ultracloud and Borrasca

Download Serenity/Borrasca here.

Here is Firelight:

Download the Firelight mp3 file here.

And this is a new and untitled piece we just started playing. Don’t know how I feel about it yet, but it is fun to play and time will tell.

Download the untitled track here.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Wow, funny to hear this again after it’s been recorded and released and sunk into our consciousnesses.

  2. dave

    Still creme fraiche.


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