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Cage Against the Machine – enjoy the silence
In other words, ubiquitous music isn’t really a new problem, but it has become worse.

Bogus Grass-Roots Politics on Twitter

Health Warnings On Cars

Modern Chapel

Saturday morning I rote a letter to a pal in Australia who was diagnosed 2 years ago with inoperable lung cancer and emphysema, which was followed by blood clots in the lung, then a collapsed lung, shingles, a 4cm x 1cm brain tumor that was removed, a spot on the hip, tumors on the left and right sides of his neck, and laser bronchoscopes, whatever that is… it does not sound good.

I spent the longest time trying to find a good ending for my letter, looking for something clever or uplifting, but in the end I simply wrote that I was happy to know him.

TG founded a distribution company when he heard NF and because of his hard work NF went double platinum in Australia and platinum in New Zealand. A feat that will probably never be repeated by an indie because of the cultural changes, i.e. people don’t buy albums… they prefer to spend the money on Starbucks.

So, Jon and I both wrote letters, which I will send off tomorrow. TG quipped that his kids have probably never seen a real letter…

HTML5 Audio Safari Extension //
HTML5 Audio Safari extension replaces a number of Flash-based audio players with the HTML5 audio element.

I removed Flash from my laptop. This Safari extension allows me to listen to audio content, like the music in this Journal without Flash. Safari is my favorite browser, although I also have Firefox and Chrome installed. I use Firefox for a few sites that don’t play nice with Safari, and Chrome for Flash content only. Chrome has built-in Flash support, so if I come across Flash content in Safari, I will copy the URL and open that site with Chrome – but that doesn’t happen often.

SM observed:

It really works efficiently as well. I was watching the CPU% as the clip played. Flash used to take CPU% by as much as 30% when watching a movie, and around 15-20% when listening to an audio clip. This thing moves it up around 1-3% … Now I can live with that.

Unfortunately the homepage is Flash, and the non-Flash version looks really crappy, I think. Will have to get together with Canton and redesign a new non-Flash homepage pronto.

Follow up from the 23. October post: the Roy denim jeans are now available at Self Edge. Ordered. Just in time – now just about sold out.

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  1. Panj

    I am sorry to hear of the physically traumas your pal is going through. How strong and brave the Human Spirit! Of course Ottmar’s pal will be added to my Prayers…and who knows…Miracles DO happen… :-)


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