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Shaolin Monk Throwing Sewing Needle Through a Piece of Glas (YouTube)

Shaolin Monk Balances On 2 Fingers (YouTube) – music is awful and you might want to get ready to mute

David Hockney’s iPad Drawings

Steve Hagen Interview (Zen)

My Flickr account renews in December and I am not certain I will renew for another year. I am giving you this warning in case you might want to download this or that image.

Sat with Bella at the edge of the property, where I found her this morning. She couldn’t get up and the tumor in her eye grew a lot overnight, perhaps ruptured. The old girl smelled something fierce, and I assumed the tumor was the reason. It was a smell unlike anything I have smelled before. For some reason my mind wondered about the smell of a battlefield a day or two after the battle has ended. Thankful that it’s not something I have experienced.

Later a friend came to help me get the dog to the vet. We improvised a stretcher with Bella’s pillow on a piece of plywood. She was already too weak to make a sound of protest.

Bella was 13 years old, which translates to 104 dog years in her size/weight category. I will miss her.

Afterwards my friend and I talked in my kitchen about death and dying over a few glasses of water, and he mentioned an interest in Tibetan Buddhism. Then the conversation turned to Gary Snyder and Edward Abbey, and since my friend is a fan of Ed Abbey, I was able to give him a book Jack Loeffler gave me, a book he wrote about his best friend, Edward Abbey.

As he was leaving he said simply, I think of it as a life completed rather than a life lost. So simple, and so true, and so beautiful because it is true.

Now I have to get back to the new slideshows. I am looking through 17,000 photos to put something new together…

But first this:

neo bohemia
Heaven or hell, love or hate,
No matter where I turn
I meet myself.
Holding life precious is
Just living with all intensity
Hold life precious.

(Via neo bohemia)

Actually it is all said in the first three lines, I think:

Heaven or hell, love or hate,
No matter where I turn
I meet myself.

Nothing more needs to be said.


  1. Brenda


  2. Panj

    God Speed Bella…now you can join your dad any ol time you want! Warm Hugssss Ottmar…I know this was a hard time for you..what a noble Gift you gave Bella…

  3. Carol Anderson

    How quickly a life can pass. I’m glad you were there for Bella at the lastbefore her new journey.


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