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  1. Luz

    I’m just curious how the Bullitt handles full of cargo? Been riding my bike to the grocery store of late and stuff my one bag into my front basket but the other day I had three bags full-including a bottle of wine. To say the least, I felt the difference in weight and manuevering around was a tad tricky. Cargo was a bit more precious too since I had splurged on a nice bottle of wine. ;)

  2. lindaw

    The handle bar look a lot more “back & wrist friendly” now.

  3. ottmar


    The Bullitt handles cargo very well. I like that the weight is placed in front of me, instead of behind me, but that’s a personal preference and many Xtra cycle riders will say otherwise. Transporting the load in front has a long tradition in Europe and it works for me. I find that the bike handles great and it has become the bike I ride the most, even when I don’t have a load to carry. Always nice to have a place to put an extra jacket or a shoulder bag.

    I made a little list of links for you… lots of cargo bikes:

    Cetma Cargo – made in Oregon. They also make/sell racks for other bikes.

    Biomega Puma Mopion & Copenhagenize Review of same. I like this, but haven’t heard about availability and price.

    Camperbike (photo)

    Metrofiets – made in Portland

    Bullitt at Calhoun in Minneapolis

    Madsen Cargo Bikes

    Review of Cargo Bikes (I haven’t read it)

    Cargo Bike Messenger

    Haley Tricycles

    Christiana Tricycles

    Torker Cargo bike – $600


    Cargo Load (photo)


    Yes, indeed it is.

  4. Brenda

    Great Pic of your Bullitt! Are the handles wooden?

  5. Brenda

    Wood hand grips? to be more specific

  6. dave

    Working on any of those Senegalese bike tricks with the Bullitt? ;-)

  7. yumi

    The bike looks beautiful.

    I like any effort to change what we already have. It’s a different thought process of, “what do I have already”, instead running out and getting more.

    Working with what one has at the present is discipline in itself. The creative process has to work a little harder and at the same we can look around to see how much we have already.


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