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Shaolin Bronze Men (photo)

Modern cash register (photo)

The Real and ONLY Reasons Why Fans File-Share Music (thanks for the link SM)

Journalism and Politics
I read the article in the NYT and was surprised at the tone, and then I came across this.

Early Eighties:

MacBook Air 11.6? –
In the room with him are enormous speakers, probably the best turntable that existed at the time, some records, reading material, a sitting mat, a teacup and a hundred thousand dollar Tiffany lamp. Somewhere else in this gigantic empty house is a bed and a kitchen where the tea is made.

Chinese High-Speed Train (photo)

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  1. marijose

    I’ve been reading about the latest Wikileaks document dump (and have been pretty distressed the last couple of days) mainly in the Guardian and Der Spiegel. Amy Davidson of The New Yorker also has a nice online column called Close Read. Unfortunately major US newspapers and commercial news programs are mainly made up of infotainment and prolonged editorials…heaven forbid that their “stories” upset the corporatocracy. And then we wonder why so many people in the US aren’t well informed of what’s going on in the world.


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