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02010-10-07 | Music | 16 comments

It always works well, I think, to work on a brand new song to see how a new person fits into a band. So here is our rehearsal with a new percussionist, playing cajon along Michael’s drumkit. It’s a quick and dirty recording from last week Wednesday morning, recorded with the most basic setup – just a stereo mic on the drumkit, for example.

It’s a song I wrote last week. Untitled so far.

No download available.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Very nice! Good start to the day. Thanks. Now time for cosmology lecture.

  2. Guy

    That song is incredibly sweet! And that was a ‘quick and dirty’ recording?!?

  3. Brenda

    Awe, yes, and the guitar speaks awe so sweet.. Thanks again for sharing with us!

  4. lindaw

    Had to wait to get home to listen.. I like it!!

    I need to play this loud so my guitar gets the idea of what it could sound like in expert hands ;-)

  5. steve


    I’m risking excessive pedantry here, but when you use “Awe” instead of “Aw” you are expressing two completely different ideas.

    It’s pretty self-evident what the difference is, don’t you think?

    Hint: one of these is vernacular, one of these is a word found in the English language. Just sayin’

  6. Kaz

    Friday Music; Chalk up another hit my friends..Luv it!

  7. Brenda

    Steve: Yes, I do have a tendacy to express two or sometimes more completely different ideas when communicating in writing. Yes, words fall short when I attempt to compliment Ottmar because I am in “Awe”. Yes, the dialect of my cultural region of USA is probably the closest to our English ancestors that traveled to another country to begin a new way of life a couple of centuries ago. Just love the protection and hug of the mountains that surround me!

  8. dave

    Simply … fantastic.

  9. Luz

    I can’t stop hitting the play button!

  10. Carol Anderson

    Awe Shucks, Brenda, we like the way you express things.

  11. Brenda

    Why Bless your heart! Awe, Thanks a bunch!!! :-)

  12. Adam Solomon

    Steve – Don’t risk excessive pedantry, dive into it wholeheartedly!

  13. steve

    >Steve – Don’t risk excessive pedantry, dive into it wholeheartedly!

    I’m not actually sure it’s worth it.

    (In fact, I am currently operating on the hypothesis that the identity currently known as “Brenda” is an A.I. algorithm with the kitsch coefficient maxed out. This is merely a hypothesis at this point, as I say …)

    If my hypothesis is true, diving into any level of pedantry whatsoever will simply stimulate the response function of the algorithm and make things worse. So… that could actually prove to be a really bad move. LOL…

    So, yeah … no thanks.

  14. Brenda

    Brenda Identity – Daughter,Sister,Wife,Mother,and Grandmother beautifully created by God to Serve God as a valuable human being. As God’s servant I strive to be loving and forgiving in life’s journey.

  15. Brenda

    Wonderful Brand New Song Ottmar!

  16. Panj

    Good end to an Evening…light and airy and yes sweet!


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