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Visualizing wireless networks in the physical world

Homemade Spacecraft (Vimeo)

Measuring Influence Online

As technology advances, deep reading suffers
I am not sure I agree with that. I have read several long books on iPad and iPhone, in fact if anything I am reading more since I read ebooks.

Ten Japanese Recipes

Fog in Bavaria

Interesting… vinyl rip? There was never any vinyl of that album.
Ottmar Liebert with Luna Negra – Up Close (2008) [Vinyl-Rip 24Bit/96kHz] in AvaxHome

You might find this crude – you have been warned: Here is an article about masturbating squirrels in Discover Magazine – and here is the URL for the photo. In case you are wondering… it’s the title of the URL of the photo I find so hilarious.

The Longest Photographic Exposures in History

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  1. dave

    Didn’t anyone tell squirrels that that will cause hair to grow on the palms of there hands? Oh, wait a minute.


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