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More playing with the visiting percussionist. Today we played duets in my studio.

I love poached eggs. And do you know what I mean by perfectly poached eggs? For me that means that the egg white is solid, but the yolk inside is still soft and runny. Then I sprinkle a little sea salt, some freshly ground pepper, a few red pepper flakes and a little parmeggiano on it.

I wish I could tell you I perfected the pure method of the Blue Bottle in San Francisco (((just a big pot of boiling water with a tiny amount of vinegar in it… eggs cracked and poured directly into the simmering water…))), but although I tried that many times I never succeeded. Today I tried out a new tool, and it really works. Damn, I think these were better than Blue Bottle’s, because there was no trace of vinegar flavor!!

Perfection, I tell you!! And no scraping egg out of a metal poaching pan… these came out easily with a little squeeze

The link to the poaching pod tool can be found at the end of this post.

Link drop:

Tartine Bread (YouTube) – Website of the bakery in San Francisco

Stoning may be next

A different approach to calligraphy

Little People

It looks like the yoke in the left pod broke, but that’s just glare. And, I ordered these pods here.


  1. lindaw

    I too love poached eggs. I have made many strands of egg in water trying to make them directly into the pan. I generally use a pyrex custard cup… but these silicone pods are great.. I like the idea of popping the finished egg out.

    Tartine bread.. yes, best ever. I used to live in SF and visited frequently.

    Stoning??? OUCH.. what a slap n the face, literally. the violence we can visit upon each other as humans astonishes me.

  2. dave

    Little People … really cool.

  3. Brenda

    I still love poached eggs that were introduced to me my Mom. It was wonderful when she prepared poached eggs for me as child and actually feed them to me with little piece of toast. Last year I purchased a (6) egg poacher at a yard sale that was a wedding present but I still can remember that husband and the yard sale explaining to his wife, when I purchased it that his wife never learned to use it. Hmmm the taste of that comment was something his wife did not want to hear. P.S. I happily purchased the egg poacher for less then $1.00.

  4. yumi

    Poached eggs:
    Those poached eggs are so perfect in the photo.

    I am so tempted to get those wonderful little green pods, but have been trying to poach an egg the classic way in a shallow pan, with a bit of vinegar added.

    If you swirl the boiling (I think in Chinese tea it’s called, “shrimp eyes” size bubbles) water the egg whites will spin the yolk. It ended up looking like fresh mozzarella.

    I love my brushes…

  5. lindaw

    I tried poaching an egg using my silicone cupcake cup and got a nice egg with serrated edges. It worked well but was a bit thick for a poached egg.

    My egg pods are on the way


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