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Revenge and Glass Harp and Chocolate Bunny (Vimeo)

And, from the same team, How do I explain it to my parents? Documentary serie in which 5 abstract artists explain to their mom and dad what their work is all about. I love the small grey room in which they talk.

Very interesting, and beautiful bike frame.

Solo Concerts in November
Nov 11 – New York NY – Blue Note
Nov 12 – New York NY – Blue Note
Nov 13 – New York NY – Blue Note
Nov 14 – New York NY – Blue Note
Nov 24 – San Diego CA – Anthology
Nov 26 – San Francisco CA – Razz Room
Nov 27 – San Francisco CA – Razz Room
Nov 28 – San Francisco CA – Razz Room

‘Master of blue jeans’ holds key to fashion riddle – Yahoo! News
But unlike the finery worn by the upper classes, the clothes of the peasant classes were used until shredded through, leaving no trace.

Isn’t that how one should live one’s life. Until it is shredded through, leaving no trace?


  1. Matt Callahan

    Make sure you have a poached egg and latte at the Blue Bottle for me.

  2. yumi

    “How do I explain it to my parents?”

    Wonderful setting, although their communication is like two separate exits, even without the words.

  3. dave

    Have you given thought to adding a glass harp to the band next year?

  4. ottmar

    No, dave, but I want to set up a bottle of champagne and an egg downstage at every show!!

  5. ottmar

    In case you don’t know “stage-talk”. Stages used to be angled, so that more people could see everything. This, as you can imagine, was hell for actors needing to run across, or dancers. The front of the stage, nearest the audience, was the lowest point, hence is called “downstage”. The back of the stage, furthest away from the audience, was the highest part, hence “upstage”. (((also where the word “upstaging” someone comes from…)))

    Directions are seen from the actor, or musicians point of view, which means that “stage left” is on the right side from the audiences point of view and “stage right” on the left.

  6. dave

    Be sure to capture the champagne so it doesn’t go to waste!

  7. Brenda

    Thanks for the Vimeo’s to view …. wow .. but .. wasteful of an egg and a bunny. Sad to think .. to feel sorry for the egg and the bunny – hmm

  8. Ottmar

    Brenda, I am worried about you. That’s called overidentification with toys. And who knows, you might try to save a choco bunny from a fiendish child and he or she will end up biting your finger…

  9. Brenda

    :-) Thanks for identifying me but don’t worry I am just fine. :-)

  10. Carol Anderson

    My young son was a little surprised Easter morning to fnd a puddle of chocolate and two eyes and a pretty little ribbon in front of the space heater at Grandma and Grandpa’s. oops!I forgot it might kick on in the night.
    I hope it didn’t leave him with post trauma damage

  11. Brenda

    Being a Mom and especially Grandma – I love coloring, play dough, and just all those simple toys of loving life just like you identified me. It’s Fun Fun Fun!!!


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