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Observation 1:

High quality data and low level of information flow turned into low quality of data, but high level of information flow.


I used to hear interesting music on the radio and would have to call the station, seeking to talk to the DJ to find out what s/he had played. Now most stations have a twitter feed that announces the mostly boring stuff they are playing.

I wonder how many areas in life this is true for. High data + low info turning into low data and high info. It could be a modern trend, so much information about so little.

Observation 2:

I was having dinner at a restaurant this afternoon, early, before the place filled up. The music that was playing softly was some kind of ambient electronica, or perhaps a soundtrack, and it blended perfectly with the hum of the four ceiling fans, and the sound of cars on the street that wafted in through the open windows. And, something was making a noise like cutlery, gently rocking back and forth on dishes, perhaps agitated by a refridgerator or a dishwasher running underneath. All of these sounds were playing at about the same level, and blending well. I was the only diner in the place, there were no other customers talking, no phones ringing. Three of the waitstaff were sitting at the bar, folding napkins for the dinner rush. I had to investigate and discovered, and somehow I wasn’t pleased by this discovery, that it wasn’t cutlery on dishes at all, but a swamp cooler with a noisy fan.

William Gibson On the Future of Publishing: Made to Order Books – WSJ

For a moment I was horrified when I read that headline. I thought he might mean it the sense that Kevin Kelly and others have talked about books and music made to order, that is, remixed and regurgitated to personal taste. But, thankfully, Gibson doesn’t mean that at all…

Doesn’t do much for me, but an interesting process: iPad light painting (Vimeo)

BP Spill Fix suggested by Douglas Trumbull, special effects designer for Blade Runner, among many others.

You can’t make this stuff up.

You live in the suburb, but you want that cool, modern Tadao Ando look. There is a wallpaper for that.


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