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This dovetails nicely ino what I wrote on Friday. Not only is that fake history very silly, it is also a hazard for the people who create it.

Sandblasting Abandoned By Levi’s and H & M
Levi’s and H & M have announced that they will no longer place orders for sandblasted garments (included jeans) due to the health hazard they pose.

Music from the very influential band Can from Cologne. (((and yes, Holger was a big inspiration for Eno and Byrne’s “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts”. He was adding snippets found on short-wave radio years before Eno did, and Eno heard that when he worked with the band Cluster in a studio near Köln)))

BP-Global-PR outed

Andrew Bird Cultivates a ‘Sonic Arboretum’ – PBS
– more looping… everyone is looping these days

Nice article explaining the machinations behind a toy for the rich and shameless.

This, on the other hand, is a beautiful restauration of a lovely machine.


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