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Japanese Synchronized Walking on YouTube. Stay with it… gets really interesting around two minutes into it.

Nice Tokyo video

How to make custom earbuds on your own. Hm, no, I don’t think so. I would suggest going to a professional for this.



Beautiful new Puma cargo bike.

Divination Drawing:

To start the process I quiet my mind until I see a persistent image or, as Philip K. Dick might say, something that doesn’t go away when I stop believing in it. I improvise the first marks – holding the subject in mind and allowing the drawing to flow. Intuition guides the lines and colors. My drawing practice often involves trying to intensify fleeting sensations. These states of mind seem to have more dimensions than I can simultaneously grasp. Making the marks on paper flattens the experience into a picture. Some marks diagram geometry while some describe change.


  1. LindaW

    WOW.. I do like the Extortr!

    I really like the puma bikes, to the point of ordering one, but can’t seem to find a price (darn)

    Thanks for the links ottmar!!

  2. yumi

    That video.
    Love that video.

  3. Carol Anderson

    Bob Marley at a costume party maybe?

  4. Brenda

    Music changes everything! Thanks for being Music in my Life!

  5. Guy

    “Oops” – what a classic! How do you find these links or images?

  6. dave

    Syncro walking = discipline

    Tokyo video = very nice

    Ooops = wonder if he got his money back

    Puma bikes = nice folding bikes & colors

  7. stephen duros

    Ooops – HAHAHAHAHA!!!


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