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Untitled new piece, called “New Arabic” on set list, to be recorded for the next LN album. Recorded live at the HoB in Houston on 2010-07-31.

You can download a 320kbps mp3 file here.

Please do not post or link these files anywhere. The song hasn’t been recorded/released yet. I don’t want to be paranoid about this, but I will search for embedded IDs of these files and if I find them in the wild I will shut down this Journal without further notice. I am not suggesting any one of you would do such a thing… and this notice is likely unnecessary, but…

The music started in April with this post:

Been working with an Arabic scale called Maqam Nakriz. The F is sharp and the B and E are flat: D, Eb, F#, G, A, Bb, C, D

Note the big three half-tone step between the Eb and the F#. Nice scale, very evocative. Here is the first music sketch using that scale, recorded at the dining table with my iPhone and the original Blue Mikey:


  1. Brenda

    Thanks bunches for sharing such beautiful ideas Ottmar and to address everybody else be good and keep Ottmar from being out in the wild , “understand rubber band, don’t get wise bb eyes”.. just thought I would help out. :-)

  2. lindaw

    Thank you Ottmar, I remember the performance of this very well!

    For this weekend with guests in house I will copy New Arabic to iPhone & iPad only.

    Must learn more about Maqam Nakriz since I’m in music learning mode right now! (Letters to a Young Musician also includes us old ones!!)

  3. steve

    Oh, that’s a cool scale.

    This really sounds compelling on a fretless instrument. Ouds are fretless I think.

  4. Victor

    OL thought you might like this iPad case, it has a Moleskine look to it. I remember that you have talked about the Moleskine before on your journal.

  5. Brenda

    It was great Birthday Music Today! :-)

  6. Panj

    Thanks Ottmar for the new Music…you bless us!!!

  7. Guy

    Hi Ottmar and Friends,

    Great song – thanks for sharing this with us…

    Happy that you gave a warning to people about not distributing the song in any way. It would be sad if someone tried to do so and ruin this great means of relationship we all have with you through this Journal…

    Maybe this has been mentioned in a past post, but I was curious to know the demographic of the people that view or post on this Journal and it would ne interesting to find out how they ‘discovered’ Ottmar’s music. I’m a 41 year old French Canadian from Cornwall Ontario Canada. On a Wednesday night, many moons ago (maybe 1994-1995?), I was flicking through the tv channels and came across a PBS program where this guy was playing guitar on stage bare feet. In the dark, I listened to him and REALLY enjoyed his style, the band, the atmosphere on stage and the music. Then he played a song entitled “Bombay” and it blew me away… I drove an hour the next day to Montreal to buy “The Hours Between Night+Day”. To think I never would have been able to enjoy Ottmar’s music all these years had it not been for that Wednesday night with nothing on TV…

  8. Adam Solomon

    Swwwwweet! Gracias.

  9. Gerry

    Hi everyone,
    Reading Guys’ post reminded my of my first exposure to Ottmars’ music, back in the early 90s. I remember a short magazine article/interview which intrigued me but there wasn’t any other info on OL around at the time in the UK. I checked my local cd emporium and there it was! Solo Para Ti.
    I knew after 30 seconds of ‘When I’m with U’ that this music was somthing special, wow! – instantly atmospheric and evocative. OLs’ music relaxes,inspires and fires my imagination simultaneously (and still does to this day). Happy memories. Incidently, we don’t get PBS in the UK – but didn’t this become the Wide Eyed dvd?

  10. Boris

    Thanks a lot, Ottmar!

    I am curious if the two songs mentioned in the other will experience a development like Silence.

  11. Felipe Romero

    Great song! Thank you Ottmar.

    I’m very impressed with the sound quality of the blue Mikey. It seems to be a great tool to record ideas quickly.


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