Wednesday in Livermore

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A few photos from yesterday:

Morning bike ride in Fresno – from from Matt’s Flickr photostream:

The back of the venue:

The front of the venue. Our concert was apparently sponsored by the Fresno Flamenco society. I am told a few Flamenco dancers entertained the audience in the foyer before they entered the hall for the concert. The evening was just a handful of seats shy of a sellout and we enjoyed performing the full set here for a very receptive audience. And, no the Flamenco police did not make any arrests…

The concert in Livermore had been sold out for weeks and we enjoyed performing in the well-sounding hall. After the concert, at a meet-and-greet (((Stevo tells me it is also called a greet-the-meat))) with sponsors of the Performing Arts Center, I met a person who at one time worked with Jaron Lanier. You see, I keep mentioning and recommending the book “You Are Not a Gadget” to anyone willing to listen.

(((I think I might actually type faster on my iPad than on my lappie at this point…)))


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