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Yesterday I changed the set list again, and it was quite an improvement! Everything flowed much better, and our performance at Humphrey’s was a blast. A full house, a guitar that stayed in tune, a great audience, a well-oiled professional venue, the improved set list, and a band that stayed creative throughout the concert. Great fun! It was our twentieth anniversary of performing here, as we opened at Humphrey’s for the late Michael Hedges in the Summer of 1990.

This morning I unfolded my Brompton and started towards downtown San Diego along North Harbor Drive. I was looking for a coffeeshop in the gas lantern district, but after a futile search I found my way to Little Italy and a little cafe on India Street we discovered last year. It’s always a good sign when Italian-Americans of all ages congregate in a cafe and converse in Italian, although it makes me wonder what they do for a living. If there is such a thing as professional Italian cafe patron, I want to train for the job.

While enjoying my coffee and wondering about the nearly impossible task of finding a decent croissant, I received an email to expect a phone interview at the hotel late morning, and headed back to the hotel. A lovely cool breeze blew from the sea as I rode on the bike path along the water. Very enjoyable. I called Jon, handed the bike over to him to ride and went to my room.

I read about Mark Twain’s autobiography, to be published this year, one hundred years after his death. The brilliant rascal had determined that people weren’t ready for brutal honesty and had stipulated that his “real” autobiography, or rather his complete biography (I think he determined which chapters were to be withheld) should not be published before 2010. How brilliant!

After next May I could turn this Journal into my true voice, to be unlocked upon my death… Worth a thought or two, but unfortunately I am not gifted with words like Mr. Twain.

Here is a funny shot of me, in Costa Mesa on Saturday, looking a bit like a singer-songwriter folkie:

Two pics from Humphrey’s in San Diego, yesterday:

I love this photo. A DMV-shot by Matt:

All photos are from Matt’s excellent Flickr photostream.

Yesterday’s set list was:

New Untitled
Cedar Smoke
Dancing Alone
Santa Fe
Empty Fields
Tokyo After Midnight
Garden at Dusk
Heart Still/Beating
Sixteen Hours
On the Road to Shiraz/2 the Night
La Luna
Backwards Firefly
Future Green
Barcelona Nights


  1. Luz

    Ahh, thanks for the updated set list! One week from tonight-meeting a fellow fanmenca in Portland for vacation. Hoping the weather is cool enough to wear that new hoodie I plan on buying. Unfortunately, when I get back to Houston, I won’t be able to wear it again till about December!

  2. Kaz

    Ottmar! Whenever your ready for the ‘Patrone’ let me know… I fix you up! Non ti preoccupare’..bro! I got cousins everywhere!

  3. Ottmar

    Luz: in Houston you could wear our hoodie slightly damp – works just a like swamp cooler and keeps the wearer cool.

    Kaz: that’s great. I’ll start working on my Italian!

  4. Jason

    Ottmar, Any possible opportunities for a very recent live show recording being posted in the near future? Thx Jason

  5. Brenda

    I like your Mark Twain look. :-) Monday, Monday so good to me. Enjoying reading about your fun.

  6. yumi

    Thank you for this updated set list.


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