Saturday in Costa Mesa

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Barnes & Noble in Costa Mesa, early on Saturday morning. Music-noise assaults all customers w 68db (yes, there is an app for that!). The clerk calls me chief, as in, what can I do for you chief. I ask for the book “Shibumi” by Travanian. The clerk checks and says, chief, we don’t have a book named “She blew me.”

 I want to say, if I were your chief you’d be fired, and, I can tell what’s on your mind. But instead I say thanks and leave.

Lunch at a Raw food restaurant with my friend Terry, not far from today’s venue. It’s my first visit to a Raw restaurant. Why do they have to call it cheese, when it neither looks, nor smells, nor tastes like cheese?   


  1. steve

    “The clerk calls me chief …”

    Now I’m beginning to wonder if some character on a new hit HBO or Showtime show uses that, because I have been called that a lot lately, and I never EVER used to be called “chief.”

    Actually … I remember 40 YEARS AGO my uncle used to call me “chief” when I was a kid … but it pretty much went out of use.

    Now “chief” seems to be back. It’s actually pretty annoying. Why is it back?

  2. Guy

    “Shibumi” -Thanks for the laugh!

    You must meet VERY interesting characters during your travels…

  3. dave

    Perhaps if he had turned down the music he might have heard you correctly.

  4. Kaz

    That’s really funny!! But, I think I have both those books!! “Chief” (lol)..!


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