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I had an idea for a new OL logo and quickly sketched it in a notebook. When I tried to re-create one of them on my computer I realized that drawing with a computer suffers from the same problem we have fitting musical events within the constrains of a Midi grid. Creating the design on a computer involves deconstructing the logo into geometric figures and lines that are available in the software… mind-numbing, in other words. I think I’d rather send my sketch to the designer we have been using and let him translate it into machine-speak. Remembered an interesting conversation with a friend, who is an architect, a year ago, regarding translating complex hand-drawn curves into a CAD program – which he claimed was nearly impossible and seemed to involve making many compromises.

A few photos of the stage:

The first show went well yesterday. The second one started out well, but suddenly, during Sixteen Hours, the stage became a rather warm place. And then uncomfortable and hot enough to make the guitar’s g-string suddenly turn sharp during Heart Still/Beating. Michael noticed the sudden heat-wave on stage as well. Was it when the DJ set in the other room started to kick in and maybe the AC was overwhelmed by too many bodies? We don’t know.

Loading out of Yoshi’s was hell, I am told, and lasted until 01:30 in the morning. Tight parking lot. Some helpful and some not so helpful Yoshi’s people. I was blissfully unaware as I was told to go back to the hotel a little after midnight. In my room I turned on the TV for the first time and discovered the Argentinia : Germany game on ESPN. Watched most of it and remembered my father, who was a big fan.

A few links:

A beautiful story and music by Canton:

Chanson pour Monsieur Du Serf (1993) | Canton Becker
“Il y’a un truque que m’a frappé: Tu a quatre-vingnt ans, il y’a des vins que tu ne boiras jamais.”

(This is the thing that struck me: You’re eighty years old, there are some wines that you’ll never drink.)

A bicycle joke:

Bike Joke « Urban Velo
What do you call an Indian bike messenger?

An explanation of a worm hole

Consumer Report blog entry regarding the iPhone 4 – no, I don’t have any problems with it either.

Beautiful video on YouTube, about Japanese motorcycle designer/builder Shinya Kimura


  1. Brenda

    Hmm such a delightful Sunday Smorgasborg og writings, photos and and oh wow’s. Thanks!

  2. Panj

    Danke sehr again Ottmar…for the wonderful pics…i saved the one of Jon kneeling while adjusting…gorgeous portrait!…and i saved the one of your Guitar, chair and cube…(anticipation)…it will be my lead in photo for my memory album, for it was your Concert that got me back home once more…now i will await a face on of Michael…i saw some gorgeous shots of him from the left…but i was a good girl and did not bring my camera…:-)

    Also, today while i drove and listend to Petals, and remembering Yoshi’s…it occurred to me, that being at a live Concert is like being in Medatation…the Music unites one to ‘now’…and i might add, in a most healing way,,:-)…may that Healing come back to you all, a hundred fold!
    God Speed…

  3. Panj

    ps…opps forgot to ask…how did the Lava Lamp come to be?
    I am so glad when u shot Jon, that the Lamp was in pretty mode…that is one weird object…LOL
    Danke again…:-)

  4. Carol

    I watched most of the Spanish and German soccer game…not that I understand much, but I’m impressed with how physical it is. not many slack times at all. Sorry Germany lost. They’ve been beating everybody so thoroughly.

  5. marijose

    Ditto on what Adam said, and somebody please wake up the German goalie :D

  6. Boris

    Did he sleep? I heard he was quite good and saved a couple of more good shots from the Spanish. First autokorso I witnessed in Brussels after Spain’s win. Appears that I am living in – or close by – the Spanish quarter. Funny! Good luck against the Dutch!

  7. Stephen Duros

    I was in Germany while that game was going on. There were roughly 5000 people outside watching the game on big screens.

    In Austria now

  8. Adam Solomon

    Stevo, sure you don’t want to come hang out in Spain for Sunday’s match? I’m going to be at the world’s craziest flamenco party that week (Gerardo Núñez’s course!) so I think you’d have a good time ;)

  9. marijose

    Boris, Neuer was awesome for 89 minutes and 55 seconds, but that corner-to-headshot move is a trademark Barça trick. The goalie’s eyes *always* have to be on the ball. ¡Viva La Furia Roja!

  10. ottmar

    Y’all can do whatever you like, but I am rooting for the Dutch. Go Orange! Maybe I’ll re-read one of Perez-Reverte’s Captain Alatriste books about the Dutch-Spanish wars at the same time. Should be interesting to take the mind back and forth in time… If I yell that they should use their swords while watching soccer, I know I am getting confused.

  11. Boris

    OK. An octopus predicted that Germany will come in 3rd and Spain will win the title. Funny as it is, so far, the octopus has always been right with his predictions.

    I think Germany lacked Thomas Müller’s cheekiness (that is the young Bavarian who was suspended for one match) and Michael Ballack’s aggrassiveness and robustness versus Xavi and Iniesta. But what the heck, these are the years of Spain and it will very likely be different in four years. So I am happy, especially when Germany wins the last game. We had some beautiful victories!

    Oh, and el toro Puyol … what can I say! In that moment you saw the difference on that day. There was one team who wanted it more than the other.

  12. Felipe Romero

    Why are people surprised about the octopus? Think about all the magicians, animals, computers, babies, etc. all around the world that have been “predicting” (i.e., saying random things about) the results of games. Surprising would be that all of them were wrong.

  13. Boris

    I dare say, I hope the octopus is right. Especially what regards the 3rd place! :-)


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