Thursday in San Francisco

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A few links:

Jaron Lanier – 5 minute interview with The Guardian (YouTube)

Jaron Lanier – 41 minute talk at RSA (YouTube)

mp3 of the Khen – a 7,000 year old instrument from Laos, played by Lanier. Amazing sound!!

Jason Robert Brown – Copyfighting with Teenagers (((didn’t know that some composers still make half their income from sheet music)))

Vuvuzelas for BP

Considered the common blog-practice of quoting text and embedding video, and decided I want to do much less of that. In the future I will present information as above, with a link to the article.

Rode my bicycle to breakfast at the Blue Bottle. Arrived at 07:30 only to find Jon and Matt already standing in line for coffee. On the way back to the hotel I stopped by Whole Foods to buy supplies and discovered that the new Brompton bag I bought in Santa Barbara is very useful. I was able to load it up with a whole bunch of groceries and mount it on the frame with ease. Slide and click. Great city for bicycling. Don’t know whether there is a helmet law here, but didn’t get stopped for not wearing one. Now to fixing my nails…


  1. Franklyn

    there is no helmet law in SF that I know of and if there is one
    I either don’t know about it or hardly anyone is following it.
    See you at the show tonight!

    ps.enjoying POP very much my favorites change day to day

  2. Kaz

    Speaking of nails… I was always curious on how you care for your nails… I find myself changing my glue-ons often ..and I use crazy glue..I must say I never tried silicone nails.

  3. Guy

    Hi Ottmar & readers,

    I was wondering if anyone from Eastern Ontario Canada pre-ordered the POP CD back in June 4th (already!). I have yet to receive mine… I wonder if the postman kept it?

    With my luck it’ll probably be in the mail today after posting this message…will write back if this happens!


  4. ottmar

    Guy – keep me posted on this. It sounds like too much time has passed, even for a far away land like Canada.

  5. ottmar

    Kaz, I’ll write a post on nails. I have tried several brands of acrylic and they differ greatly in quality.

  6. Ottmar

    Franklyn, thanks for the info and I hope you enjoyed the performance. Tip: we HAVE to keep the first show to 75 minutes, because Yoshi’s has to turn over the room (((although we did go over by 9 minutes))), but the second show can be longer – it ended up being around 90 minutes

  7. Boris

    The FLAC POP arrived at home in Germany (which is at my parents, I’m staying in Brussels now) within days after ordering it, really, hardly more than 4-5, I’d say. The regular CDs (I ordered 2 separately from the FLAC disc) were intercepted by the customs, therefore delayed, but they were for once so nice to forward the post without charging anymore fees.

  8. Kaz

    Wow!.. a whole posting on nails.. thx!!! BTW – Guy, I live in Eastern Canada (Montreal) and I received my ‘Petals on the Path’ CD towards the beginning to mid June. Can you really blame your postman for being a fan! ;) Kazman

  9. Franklyn


    The setlist was great but knowing the 10PM show was longer makes me feel tempted to go again tonight (Sat) at 10
    on Thursday the waitress wasted no time in telling us we had to leave right away so now it makes sense..I have seen you twice before and the show had never been this short so I was left wondering why. POP is great not just in the music but because it has a different feel than Scent of Light and La Semana showing once again why you’re always one steep ahead of other guitar instrumentalists. Maybe I’ll go back tonight
    since there’s no such thing as too much Lunanegra!

  10. Ottmar

    Franklyn – yep, the house needs to be turned over and since we played longer, by nine minutes, on Thursday, they only had 36 minutes to empty the room and bring in the second shift. Yesterday we did 75′ for the first show and 90′ for the second.

  11. Franklyn

    Just bought tickets for tonight at 10. Matt was very nice on Thursday, I ended up buying Stephen’s cd since I already have all of yours.


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