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First half of the concert on 2003-10-02 at Ferguson Hall in Tampa, Florida.

Ahead of its time, if you ask me. Haven’t listened to this in years and must say that there are lots of very cool things happening. And Canton’s rig was totally homegrown… (((will look around for some pics!!)))

You can download the 320kbps mp3 here.

OL – guitars
Jon Gagan – bass guitars + synthesizer
Ron Wagner – percussion
Canton Becker – laptop DJ

Here is on photo of Canton’s set up. Battery-powered closet lights modified into switches to start and stop loops – light on = loop on, light off – loop off!:

And here he is in action with Ron – I shot this during their drum-duet:


  1. dave

    I remember this tour. I saw you play in Portsmouth, NH with my wife & friends. The 3 is 4 good luck mini-cd was available at the time.

  2. Victor

    I remember that tour saw you in Phoenix AZ. I have really enjoyed this web blog but understand. It will be missed by a lot of fans Im sure. Have a great tour and look forward to a bit more of OL and Friends. Thanks OL

  3. Carol

    That is incredible that you would share so much of your music with us. A concert right here with just enough familiarity and wonderful new exciting sounds and new music.
    I doubt there’s anyone as generous with your music and insight into the world than you. I’ll really miss this. I just hope you always do what your really feel like doing to be happy, Ottmar. I know all your friends also want that most of all.

  4. Panj

    Thank YOU!!!…don’t know where or when, but I am SURE I saw you guys on this Tour…I always think of this group as the Core!
    It will be bitter sweet to listen to, as I know now that Ottmar-Friends is a Petal blowing away in the Wind…

  5. Panj

    THANK You soooo much Ottmar!
    I listened to this download about 15 times today, as I was gardening and it brought back so so many wonderful memories…one Song in particular, I must have listend to a ‘thousand’ times in the past, spending literally hours and hours and hours listening to it while visiting one of the very first virtual communities…(DreamScape at Vzones)
    It is remarkable that I still visit it, even study the german language there, while still listening to Ottmar.
    Dreams, Ottmar amd Study…can one beat that? Once more…
    Danke sehr…(Thank You very much!)


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