Wednesday in Santa Fe

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Visited friends who have been building their unusual home themselves. This is a photo of stairs and ladder leading to a raised sleeping platform:

This is a beautiful curve that starts out as a wall and turns into a ceiling:

Yesterday I visited the beaver pond in the Canyon Preserve again. I love observing the seasonal changes there:

AT&T quits taking iPhone 4 pre-orders due to high demand
AT&T said Wednesday that there were more than 13 million visitors to AT&T’s website Tuesday to specifically check whether they were eligible for a phone upgrade. That’s 3 times more than any previous day.

Notice they did not claim 13 million unique visitors! Most likely it was just 130,000 visitors, each trying 100 times!! (((thanks for the link SD)))


  1. steve

    Well, I was certainly among the 130,000, although given how many times I typed in my phone number, billing zip code and last four digits of my SSN, I suspect I used up my quota of 100 early in the game.

  2. LindaW

    I typed in my phone number 3 times. Got an error each time. The site finally work today, right after the announcement that there are no more pre-orders for 6/24.


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