Yesterday’s Tweets

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  • RT @farglow Irony spotted at BP station. /via @djweir #
  • Fast zwei Uhr. Zeit für einen Radler!! #
  • Attackers exploiting new Flash bug, Adobe warns Ha!! #
  • NYT the spill and energy bill #
  • Brian Duffy photographs #
  • DSL since yesterday. Comcast cable too unreliable, which was proven by outage at my house this morning. DSL cheaper, too. #
  • Santa Fe-ing the World /via @bruces (I disagree w some of it, but interesting) #
  • If you can’t see my mirrors, it means I’ve hit another cyclist some bumper stickers are not funny! #
  • Farrago. Great word. Means confused mixture. Nouveau Farrago. But a fused mixture, not confused. #


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