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This is a repeat from June 2009:

I was having coffee at Cafe Angelique with Frank Louis, who took photos of me in New York, and while we were talking I noticed the Erhu playing softly over the sound system. I have always enjoyed the sound of that Chinese violin, the most human sounding instrument it is said, and thought that we were hearing a soundtrack. But, as we got up to pay and exit I heard a guitar solo and realized the song was Golden Lotus, from the album Monsoon by Asiabeat. Sadly the album is out of print and not even available online. I found a couple of entries in my diary from 1994, when I was in Singapore to record with Asiabeat: one and two.

Since the recording is out of print and not available and since I am only giving you one song from the album, I feel fine about doing this. Consider it advertising. Consider it trying to remind folks of an album that used to be available. Why albums that are out-of-print can’t at least be available in download-formats is beyond me. There are almost no manufacturing costs! Anyway, enjoy this piece, which was also available on the third Buddha Bar compilation at one time…

You can download the 320kbps file here.

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  1. Carol

    Thank you for the reminder to replay that album. It has such a special quality to it.


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