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The first batch of signed CDs are on their way.

Here is the email I send out to every person who purchased the album:

Thank you for buying our new album Petals On the Path during this special pre-sale for Ottmar-Friends Subscribers. While your purchase is making its way to you, I would like to offer you the album in mp3 form right now – it’s my gift to you.

I understand if you want to wait for the CD, or the FLAC files, as they will sound better… but if you can’t or don’t want to wait, just click here for near-instant gratification:


(the URL links to a 125MB zipped folder that contains all eleven songs in 256kbps mp3 format)

Please do not share the files or the URL.


I think this is a nice way to ease the pain of waiting for the postman.

And the first reactions are in. I think this means pretty good in translation? :-)

Slashdot Science Story | Students Show a Dramatic Drop In Empathy
Several news sources report that today’s college students show a precipitous drop in empathy (here’s MSNBC’s take). The study of 14,000 students shows that students since the year 2000 had 40% less empathy than those 20 and 30 years before them. The article lays out a laundry list of culprits, from child-rearing practices and the self-help movement, to video games and social media, to a free-market economy and income inequality.

Here is a link to that empathy test.
BP logo re-design contest!

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  1. Adam Solomon

    That’s a rough translation but basically, yeah :)

  2. Panj

    Help…anyone…I can’t seem to figure out where or how to buy the CD of Petals on the Path…also, I could not link to the link to get the ‘instant gratification’…:-)
    Is there a special link to buy the CD? Being an ol fashioned girl, this is easiest for me…:-)
    Thanks for any help, anyone can give me!

  3. Carol

    I ordered it, but I still haven’t played it. I want to hear it at it’s best, and the computer guy hooked the computer to my old, not so good speakers. I’m going to have to fiddle with plug-ins. I have two computers, so I get doubly confused. I’m not very patient, but I want the best….which I always get from you.


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