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There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.
– Marshall McLuhan
(Via Upaya Newsletter)

Armchair Travel – Japan:


Japanese wins pizza-making contest in Italy | The Japan Times Online
A 33-year-old Japanese man won an international championship for making traditional Neapolitan pizza in the suburbs of Naples, southern Italy, event organizers said Friday.

Akinari Makishima, who works at an Italian restaurant in Nagoya, became the first Japanese to win the competition, which was being held for the ninth time, according to the organizers. Past winners of similar international events in Naples have also included Japanese.

What a wonderful image! László Moholy-Nagy (American, born Hungary, 1895-1946). The title is: 7 A.M. (New Year’s Morning), ca. 1930
Found at Velorution who found it here.

M.I.A. puts reporter’s phone number on Twitter | Technically Incorrect – CNET News
The rapper acceded to an interview with The New York Times and was not best pleased with the results. So she tweeted: “CALL ME IF YOU WANNA TALK TO ME ABOUT THE N Y T TRUTH ISSUE, ill b taking calls all day bitches ;)”

Personally, I was not aware that The New York Times was printing a special edition that included only the truth. However, I admit I have omitted the first part of her tweet. You see, M.I.A. decided to adorn this tweet with the phone number of Lynn Hirschberg, the journalist.

If ya can’t handle an interview, don’t do one. Simple. There are things one can do and there are things one cannot do. (((You know, one could say when brains were handed out she was M.I.A…. drumroll, bow…))) To tell you the truth, I have no idea who M.I.A. is.
There it is, the secret URL to access the Petals On the Path pre-sale. This sale will end some time on the 14th, a day before the official release day. Please do not forward the URL to non-subscribers.

If there are no instructions I will merely sign the CD. The instructions are for the purpose of writing a dedication, e.g. to Frank or Happy Birthday or whatever. You can also let me know not to sign the CD. Just to be clear, the default, leaving the instruction-field blank, means I will sign the CD. If you want a dedication or if you want no signature, please leave instruction. OK, I think that’s clear now, or is it…


  1. dave

    Yes, it’s clear. I placed my order w/o instructions.

  2. Boris

    Great! Thanks a lot!!

  3. Victor

    The music is beautiful it take me to a a very peaceful and serene place. I love the sound of the OL’s DeVoe, Jon bass and Michael cymbals and drums. Beautiful music and just sounds awesome. Thanks

  4. LindaW

    The process for ordering is clear and easy. The email surprise afterward made the perfect ending for my day.

    Thank you!

  5. salma

    Thanks Ottmar!
    What a surprise and what a treat! The MP3 version makes this extra special and sweet!
    I just finished listening to the MP3 version. It’s such a wonderful blend of harmony and rythm, so different from your flamenco style, but, very sweet and charming!

  6. Ottmar

    I am sure you meant well, but sweet and charming – that depresses me so! Must find my inner goth next time…

  7. yumi

    7 A.M. (New Year’s Morning), ca. 1930

    That’s just one of the most wonderful photos.

    So many fine details to see. Love the tip of the hat.
    If it were not for the couple, or the movement of the man on the bicycle, the lone figure at the top would have set such a different mood. Wonderful subtle fine lines and mood.

    …and congratulations to the opening of the new album!


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