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Here is the second half of the concert at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas, on 2004-10-08.

The band:
OL – guitars
Jon Gagan – fretless electric bass guitar + synthesizer
Ron Wagner – percussion
Robby Rothschild – percussion

This is the entire second half of the concert. The setlist:
Snakecharmer (The Hours Between Night + Day, The Santa Fe Sessions)
Caroussel (La Semana, Up Close)
Santa Fe (Nouveau Flamenco)
Cave in my Heart (La Semana)
Barcelona Nights (Nouveau Flamenco, The Santa Fe Sessions)
Ballad 4 Santana (Innamorare)

That version of Snakecharmer clocks in at over fifteen minutes!
You can download the 320kbps mp3 file here – the file is 135MB in size.

You might have to adjust the volume a few times. There are a couple of loud percussion peaks, but I didn’t want to compress the audio.


  1. Matt Callahan

    I was quietly hoping that the other half of this show would be available for download. Thanks.

  2. Gerry

    Hi Ottmar,
    Thanks for the Austin show. Snakecharmer 15 Mins!!!!
    UK Premiere tonight in my very own Listening Lounge with a couple of cold beers (one for each set).

  3. Ottmar


  4. Ottmar

    Also, if this is something y’all like, I can serve up more concerts in this fashion. Less polished that way, but maybe more interesting?

  5. Matt Callahan

    Bring on all the unpolished live stuff you care to. Having the entire set really gives a great picture of what the vibe for that particular night was.

  6. LindaW

    More please!!

    I listened to this on my way to work today and absolutely LOVE it!

  7. Ottmar

    Let’s find out if more people feel this way. Wouldn’t be hard to do as we started doing board-recordings around 1994 and I have hundreds of CDs in the archive.

  8. Adam Solomon

    Well you know I love the live concerts :) Especially those NYC shows…. hehe. So keep em comin’!

    Actually what I’d be especially interested in hearing would be a concert from the 2005 tour with the string quartet. Also the Scent of Light tour with Stevo. And this tour, but I guess we can approximate that by listening to the new album :)

  9. Ottmar

    I have a couple of very good recordings from that 2005 tour. A few of the pieces have been presented in this space, but yes, I could present the entire concert. 2008 with Stevo, check, can do. We will record the Summer tour for sure, but we didn’t record the Spring tour on the East Coast. The 1993/1994 “The Hours between Night + Day” tour was interesting, also. It was basically one continuous set, with noises and atmospheres filling in any space between songs.

  10. LindaW

    The live set I would really like to hear was done last year at the Lensic in Santa Fe, the solo that was directly following intermission.

    I wonder if it would be as magical as it was in person!

  11. Ottmar

    It never is, it never is. I have often wondered what my first concert experience would sound like now, just the audio… 1975, Earth, Wind & Fire, then Santana and at last a bunch of EW&F musos joining Santana. The concert certainly changed my life, but I have no idea what the audio would be like, without the experience. I will look for the Lensic show. Don’t know whether that one was recorded, but maybe it is to be found in the mountain of CDs…

  12. LindaW

    Alan had told us that is was. I hope you can find it!

    My first concert was The Beatles at the Cow Palace in SF. the place was meant for Cows. (I am glad they didn’t record it)

  13. Luz

    Anything on CD from when you toured with Santana and performed a duet? Two of my friends from college went to the Houston show (of which I couldn’t go & regret to this day) and they talked about that concert for days. :(

  14. Luz

    BTW, I am listening to La Rosa Negra live and is one of my favs for sure!

  15. Boris

    Just because you wondered: yes, here is one more who is interested in listening to live shows from the past! :-)

  16. yumi

    Like these two comments from Ottmar:

    “I have often wondered what my first concert experience would sound like now…”
    “The concert certainly changed my life, but I have no idea what the audio would be like, without the experience…”

    That’s a great memory/experience capsule.

  17. dave

    The “Hours” tour sounds very cool. Of course, I’ll take whatever you care to dish out.

  18. Jason

    Ottmar, I love listening to live recordings such as these, so please count me in for more of these live captures. Also, I’ve not be lucky enough to see you play ‘live’, so thanks so much and keep them coming! :-) J


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