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Friday evening I watched Tokyo Sonata, a Japanese film from 2008. It deservedly won the award for Best Film at the 3rd Asian Film Awards, received 2008 Asia Pacific Screen Awards nominations for Achievement in Directing and Best Screenplay, and at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival it won the Jury Prize—Un Certain Regard. And I am back on Netflix, after our local video shop shuttered its doors a few months ago…
What should liner notes look like in 2010? LPs (((you remember those, not you?))), or even better, the fold-open double LP sleeves, were excellent for liner notes. CD packages were always a little too small, as the booklets are tiny. Well, here is a preview of my liner notes for Petals On the Path:

The URL is printed on the inside of the CD covers.
I uploaded the April slideshow.
Check out this photo. Like a children’s story: and the evil logging company was so gready that they loaded more and more hardwood onto their trucks until one day…

Tryrant Clock – Popwuping
Taipei based designer Alice Wang’s Tyrant Clock concept. The Tyrant Clock hijacks your mobile phone and starts randomly shuffling through your contact list, calling someone every three minutes as a means to ensure you wake at the desired time. You have no choice but to get of bed or risk facing the wrath of your rapidly diminishing social circle. Clever and fun.

I don’t know, sounds horrifying to me.
This post is regards the debate about Apple’s “closed” approach versus Google supposedly “open” Android OS and store.

On ‘Curated’ Computing

Our museums are not football-field sized warehouses where art objects are indiscriminately dumped and our magazines and blogs are not amorphous containers of randomly selected articles. Our classrooms, restaurants, hospitals and indeed all our civilized institutions are firmly reliant on curation of one kind or another. The goal should be for curators to compete, not for curation to be declared illegal and unholy by the “open” zealots.

(Via Daring Fireball)

I have mentioned many times before that curators (((or curating software or filters))) are the next big thing. Too much information comes down the pike, too many albums of music are released every day (((not even money stands in the way of a person wanting to make a recording these days… don’t laugh, money used to be a considerable deterrent: no money, no studio time… and only the ones who saved up/hustled/took loans were able to record their music!)))… there is too much of everything.

You don’t make a fire by spreading light, you create the flame by focussing the light with help of a magnifying glass. Information used to be a few pages of a local newspaper, now it’s an overwhelming mountain of data. The question we each have to answer for ourselves is this: how much data do we need to make the decisions that steer our lives and how much is too much, is simply clogging our information arteries and taking up room that would be better served by experiencing the late afternoon sunshine, inhaling the scent of apple blossoms (((I missed my cherry tree’s blossoms, but returned in time to smell the lovely scent of the three crab-apple trees in my yard!))) or playing a musical instrument.

What one person calls “closed” another might consider “curated”. What one person calls “open”, one could also consider dangerous (((does this app play nice with that app, is a piece of malicious code hidden in that app and so on))) or too time-consuming.

I have lots of different software from many different vendors on my laptop and studio computer. In some cases it took a while to configure it to work properly. That’s fine as most of the applications are tools of my trade and I don’t mind spending time to figure out a work-flow. (((the recording engineer Gary Lyons, who I worked with from 1995 through 2002 always built his own computers from parts… now that’s a serious commitment of time!))) I don’t want to go through that process with a phone or tablet. I am fine with a curator selecting and testing software for them. If I no longer like a particular curator’s selection, I will switch curators.
Isn’t this wonderful?


  1. Brenda

    Sad but true,of Tree Thieves stalking our WV Forestry owners and the employment of security personnel to protect hardwood trees (oak,maple,poplar,cherry,walnut). Yes, you have music Pirates and we have tree Pirates.

  2. Brenda

    Also, thanks for logging photo of greed which shows you the value of a taker not a giver.

  3. Boris

    Brussels needs to become more of a bike town. YOu can rent bikes here, like in Paris, but it is still a way to go to become like Utrecht or Copenhagen. (Note to myself: get a used bicycle for your life here.)


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