Thursday in Norfolk

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Another pic from Manhattan:

And when I woke up in Norfolk I was happy to see cherry trees in full bloom. Here is a photo of cherry blossoms in the grass:

We have been fortunate. We have enjoyed the best three days of the cherry blossoms. The day of promise, when they are not yet perfect. The perfect day of enchantment. And today they are already past their prime. So this is the day of memory. The saddest day of the three… but the richest.
Shibumi by Travanian

The wall from the new album cover, a year later:

Not yet the moment:



Holy Cow, Holy Holga on Lomography

Kham, in Easter Tibet, through the lens of a Holga camera.

We know you have a choice when it comes to air travel and we appreciate the business you have given us over the years. Today, we’d like to extend a special thanks to you as you celebrate your 20th AAdvantage® Anniversary.

I must have joined during our first Summer of touring, in 1990. Strange feeling when the years turn into decades, when one no longer thinks of having played guitar (((or toured or produced albums or hung out with friends))) for years, but decades…

Op-Ed Columnist – No Fooling Mother Nature –
There is only one meaningful response to the horrific oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and that is for America to stop messing around when it comes to designing its energy and environmental future. The only meaningful response to this man-made disaster is a man-made energy bill that would finally put in place an American clean-energy infrastructure that would set our country on a real, long-term path to ending our addiction to oil.


Slashdot | TSA Worker Jailed In Body Scan Rage Incident
A TSA worker in Miami was arrested for aggravated battery after he attacked a co-worker for making fun of the size of his genitals. Rolando Negrin walked through one of the new body scanners during a recent training session and a supervisor started making fun of his manhood. From the article: “According to the police report, Negrin confronted one of his co-workers in an employee parking lot, where he hit him with a police baton on the arm and back.”

The word terror means extreme fear. It does not mean destruction and does not necessitate killing, although those actions are often involved. It’s the suggestion, the implication of death and destruction that is the metier of the terrorist. A terrorist is a person who creates extreme fear in a group of people. But not even a terrorist could have imagined the above quoted result…

Found here.
Oh, and the food at Infinity Hall in Norfolk was as good as last year, which is to say great. The sound was lovely and we had a blast!


  1. Brenda

    Thought bleeding hearts plant was always red and as I have seen white is beautiful also. Thanks.

  2. yumi

    The blooming of cherry trees,

    “…And today they are already past their prime. So this is the day of memory. The saddest day of the three… but the richest.”

    Beautiful quote. The book is beautifully written and is one of my favorites now. Three days of blossoms illustrates how brief, how important the beauty. Depending on the coolness of the weather, the blossoms might allow you to enjoy their beauty for a little longer than three days, but that aside…and blossoms are that way. Fragile, delicately poetic, brief and still beautiful when the wind sweeps the petals away.

  3. yumi

    As poetic as Shibumi in a different way, are the photos of Eastern Tibet. Enjoyed the photos and the article.

  4. Panj

    Thanks for the sharing…I had never heard of the Holga, but will now be aware…’STUNNING’ photos!…


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