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Salma wrote that she found herself seated in the first row, in front on Michael at the Ram’s Head yesterday and didn’t hear as much guitar as she would have liked. Here are a couple of photographs I posted in this Journal at the end of January. If you come to one of our concerts this year you might want to make a note of how we set up on stage – let’s call it a little insider information.

If seats are assigned and you want to be closer to the guitar, buy a ticket for the left side of the venue – or stage-right as performers say. If you want more drummy goodness, buy tickets for the right side of the venue – or stage-left. If you want to zoom in on bass action, buy tix for the center. Also, because drums are naturally loud instruments – this is true for a drumkit as well as for Robby’s djembe, for example – the first row might not be the best place to experience the concert. A few rows further back you might not see as well, but the mix of the instruments will sound better.

This is a public service announcement brought to you courtesy of Luna Negra Music.


  1. Brenda

    Thanks for “Insider” information and funny chuckle of your public service announcement but it is very cool for Salma to have “front row” tickets, possibly she will be able to attend someday one of your solo concerts, also.

  2. LindaW

    Excellent PSA, Ottmar.!

    with this in mind I shall expect “Guitary” goodness at the Soiled Dove in August!

    (I’m still waiting for the Santa Fe solo show info for the following night, apparently the venue is an illusion created for Quadro Centenaria)

  3. Mark

    When can we start seeing presale for the new music?

  4. Chris

    Not really a comment, but more of a query. Pray tell, what is that electronic device on the tripod stand next to the black chair and microphone? I’m a gear junkie…tryin’ to figure out what the pros use for a live performance. Thanks very much!


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