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Here is last week’s rehearsal of a, still untitled, tune. We performed this in Saratoga last fall, in Japan in November and in Florida in February. And still no title! On those setlists it was identified as Nu Bm Rumba, but it seems more like a funk-pop thing… I realized last week that I have no idea where this music we are rehearsing and recording came from!

I just came back from our first recording session. It went well and we laid down several versions of four different songs. We’ll continue tomorrow and Friday and finish up Monday and Tuesday. Normally I would be listening to the music right now, but since my DigiDesign 192 (analog-to-digital converter for Pro Tools) is at Jon’s studio for these sessions, that will have to wait until next Tuesday. Hopefully we will have good takes of each piece by then.

Today we started out with the guitar mike about 13″ away from the soundhole, but moved it further back because I was clipping at the 35db setting – maybe another 4″ back. The Martech MSS-10 changes mic gain in increments of 5db, so it’s better to move the mic a little than to lose 5db. I am usually aware of how hard I strike the strings and can stay within a given dynamic range. It is easier when I record rhythm and melody parts separately than when I record everything at once, as we are doing now, but it’s turning out really nice sounding.

PS: That song was recorded as Dancing Alone and is track #3 on the album.




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