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Bill commented on April 18th, 2010 at 09:41
Can you recommend a couple of live mic’s for small spaces(guitar)? Thanks

I have tried many different microphones for the stage and for quite a few years now (((since 2004?))) I have been very happy with Shure KSM141 condenser mics. I checked and noticed that they go for $399 on Amazon, or you could pick up a used one.

the muse finds you
There is a Pablo Neruda poem that begins:

And it was at that time… Poetry came
to find me.

(Via neo bohemia)

It truly feels that way. How did music find me this Winter? I was hiding from music, in a way. I had no plans to record (((I really did need to NOT think about composing and recording after The Scent of Light, which was wonderful and exhausting…)))…and yet…

Recipe – Pad Thai –
iPad Thai?


Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Arts and animation videos.
This will change the landscape of stories.

William Gibson
“If I can make you curious enough, there’s this thing called Google. If you’re curious about the New Orleans Indians, or ‘second-line’ musicians–you can look it up.” The Internet, he suggests, can provide its own creative freedom, releasing writers from having to overexplain, allowing history to light the characters from within

Beautiful old-fashioned bags and aprons:

Stanley & Sons


(Via the music of sound)
Oh no… groan…

Ping, a social networking garment
Get a ping back.Technology is integrated into the shoulder of the garment that provides a subtle “tapping” feeling. If your friends send you a comment or a message back, the garment will notify you by tapping you on the shoulder.
(Via Beyond the Beyond)


BBC News – Rosslyn Chapel was haven for bees
An ancient chapel has revealed a new mystery with the discovery of a 600-year-old hive built into the stones.

Builders renovating Rosslyn Chapel, which was made famous in The Da Vinci Code, found the “unprecedented” hive while dismantling a rooftop pinnacle.

The bees entered the hive through a hole in a carved flower crafted by the chapel’s master stone masons.

A friend sent this link. The photos should give you a few good laughs, and if you are a school teacher, maybe you’ll cry.

Teabonics: The most ridiculous – and misspelled – tea party protest signs


  1. yumi

    Right when I thought video 1 and 2 were entertaining…you posted, “Teabonics”.

    Please Otmar, tell me that I havne’t mizspelled anythang.

  2. Carol

    I have a huge ancient dictionary that has potato spelled “potato” or “potatoe” I coulda saved Dan’s career : ) I am a rotten speller. hmmm, I must be dumb then. ah well, Ignorance is sometimes bliss.


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