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I dig this:

Lama Surya Das: Who and What Is Buddha, Really?
“Nowness-awareness is the authentic, unfabricated Buddha,” said my late Dzogchen master Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche

And I love the way he ends the article:

Far better to be a Buddha than a mere Buddhist today.

And, from Buddha to Black Holes:

Every Black Hole Contains Another Universe?
Like part of a cosmic Russian doll, our universe may be nested inside a black hole that is itself part of a larger universe.

In turn, all the black holes found so far in our universe—from the microscopic to the supermassive—may be doorways into alternate realities.

Every black hole has a white hole side….
There is a sentence in the April edition of Wallpaper Magazine, that really pisses me off:

…the mass rape of East Prussian women and girls by Soviet soldiers extracting revenge for the crimes committed by Germany in Russia.

Of course this was written by a man, and what a complete and utter moron he must be. There is no excuse for rape and to claim that it was revenge is such a stupid statement that it makes the blood boil.
Been working with an Arabic scale called Maqam Nakriz. The F is sharp and the B and E are flat: D, Eb, F#, G, A, Bb, C, D

Note the big three half-tone step between the Eb and the F#. Nice scale, very evocative. Here is the first music sketch using that scale, recorded at the dining table with my iPhone and the original Blue Mikey:

Leonardo da Vinci was born today, in 1452.

April 15, 1452: It’s the Renaissance, Man!
1452: Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest multitalented artists in our history, is born in the Tuscan hill town of Vinci. Painter, sculptor, anatomist, architect, engineer, geologist: The labels don’t even begin to describe him.

Nice Tim Prebble remix of a classical music piece by New Zealand composer John Psathas. More info here.

ONE SUMMARY Remixbytimprebble


  1. steve

    A great quote from the article, which really resonated with me:

    “Being awake is paradoxically to live both as a particle — as the ever-changing world of our day-to-day life — and as a wave — the (potentially) uninterrupted experience of Nowness-awareness through which the particles continuously pass.”

  2. Brenda

    The Buddha was on WV PBS early last week and it was immensely educational for me and very entertaining to watch on TV. The program answered many of my unanswered thoughts and questions. Cool :)

  3. Matt Callahan

    The “Idea” clip is great. It’s always fun to hear you play something new yet feel a certain familiarity in what I hear.

  4. Adam Solomon

    Interesting – how do you figure out which chords work in the maqam?

  5. Ottmar

    Adam, look at the scale. It’s all there. D-F#-A – that’s a D major chord. C-Eb-G – that’s a C minor chord. G-Bb-D – that’s G minor. I don’t know whether these chords would traditionally be played with that Maqam, but it sounds good to me.

  6. Brenda

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – Awesome Week of Photos, Music … Woweeeee! Thanks!

  7. Gerry

    I love your sketch – hope it appears on your next album.
    I’m off to try out this new scale – thanks.


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