Wednesday in Santa Fe

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Grey Morning, soft light.

Old tree stump carvings on Acequia Madre:

Pink blossoms, white skulls, adobe wall:

I don’t tire of this chimney. I have passed it, sometimes several times a week, for over twenty years. While there is always a thrill is seeing something new, experiencing a place for the first time, I do cherish visiting these familiar places over and over again.

Walking home after a long night out, leaning on each other. The one on the right seems to be the drunkest. Anfänger!

I have no idea what the point of this is, not that there needs to be one. Protecting the tree from cellular or Wi-Fi radiation? This is Santa Fe, after all.

Thinking of a career in music, are you? Take a good look at this graphic first – I found it here. It shows how much you have to sell to earn minimum wage – $1,160 per month. Yep, very difficult in today’s digital world.

We updated our Under the Rose webpage, after I noticed that the charity Rahim had picked folded at the end of December. He left it up to me and I picked the International Red Cross, which has an Iraq program on its donation page.


  1. Carol

    Isn’t that carving terrific. So serene….and it adds so much more because it is among others of its kind who have no carving.
    Maybe the winding on the tree is anti rabbit and deer chomping.
    Great bunch of photos!

  2. LindaW

    I love the tin foil winding!! for those that may not know, recently in Santa Fe a lady sued her neighbor to force the cessation of wifi and cell phone usage as it made her physically sick. Perhaps this was a hopeful deterrent to digital air pollution?

    I know that chimney and also never tire of seeing it!

  3. Guy

    Loved the photo of the mailboxes with your remark – hilarious! The tanslation for that german word would be?

  4. Ottmar

    Anfänger = Beginner. Widely used in Southern Germany and Austria. While Northern Germans will pronounce the first syllable “an” similar to the English “un”, with the “n” fully sounded, the Bavarians and Austrians will pronounce it more like the “en” in the French “enfant”. If you can’t hold your liquor, you are an “Anfänger”, but it’s also used when somebody falls off a bicycle, gets caught speeding by the police and so on.


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