Monday in Santa Fe

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Beautiful Spring Morning in Santa Fe. I have a feeling that Spring will be fast and furious this year.

The Santa Fe River runs:

In the Afternoon we had an exciting cornucopia of wheather. High winds pushed clouds around at an unbelievable speed. Then it became dark and gloomy. A little later it rained while the sun shone brightly through the clouds. Then more wind. Like a weather movie, sped up. A week of weather was presented in just one day.

Here is a photo I took last week. A motorized bicycle. Maybe a kit? In Germany that would be called a MoFa = Motor-Fahrrad or Motor-Bicycle. They are allowed to have top-speeds of 25km/h or 15.5mph, but my brother was known to tune the engine of his and other’s to achieve twice that speed.


Y. is in Tokyo. Flickr slideshow here.

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  1. Adam Solomon

    I agree, I think this spring will be as furious as those green dreams’ sleep ;)


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