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Thanks for the suggestions regarding the data CDs!

The HD FLAC CD labels will look like this. Actually they will look much better because I only have low-res jpegs at the moment, but I saw the hi-res versions and they really “pop”.

The limited edition HD FLAC package will only be available from our website and on tour.


  1. yumi

    The wording is well chosen.

  2. yumi

    An additional thought:

    The subscription series and the creation of the music have been a wonderful combination.

  3. Mark

    Are we ever going to see another live cd or dvd? I see there is some edited video on youtube not good audio though.

  4. Mark

    and when is the release date for the new cd?

  5. Ottmar

    Mark, we have no plans for a live CD or a DVD at this time. We will continue to offer simple live recordings off the board here in this space.

    The official release date for the new album will be 22 or 29 June, but it is possible that we will have CDs available at least at some of the dates of our East Coast run in May. That will depend on how soon the manufacturer gets done with the work and how long it takes to ship stock to us.

  6. steve

    Will the HD tracks release also be available in June?

  7. Ottmar

    Steve, HDTracks.com will have the HD FLAC downloads available in June and we will certainly have the double CD package with HD FLAC files in our store by then.

  8. Brenda

    Oh wow, I like Hot Pink and the High Contrast of Hot Pink/Black. Excellent choices! Hot Pink CD brings memories to mind of my 70’s Hot Pink Polyester Tie-Dyed Pantsuit that was handmade, just especially for a dance. :) Laughter is always good medicine for the soul.


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