Djembe Attack

02010-04-03 | Music | 6 comments

…and the djembe calls the villagers together, who march under a moonlit sky to a faraway place on the plain where they…
A) beat the crap out of an elephant poacher!
B) witness in silent amazement a firefly that flies backwards!
C) sit under a lone tree that has iPads instead of leaves!

It’s the last chorus and ending of “Backwards Firefly”, track number 7.


  1. yumi

    A. Jujitsu
    B. I can imagine that…
    C. You know how distracted villagers become when it comes to seeing a lone tree with iPads.

    Such a nice surprise to come home and hear #7.

  2. Gerry

    Another gem from Ottmars’ Melody Mine.

  3. Panj

    What a wonderful way to start Easter Morning! May your’s and your family’s and all your friends and fans have a most Joyous Easter and Happy Spring!

  4. Carol

    Very nice indeed. A happy song for a happy season.

  5. Kaz

    Thx Ottmar! Congrats! Very nice piece of art…..I can actually image the fireflies especially when you play those octaves towards the end of the piece! …But can we still help beat the crap out of the elephant poacher?. :)

  6. Mark

    Hey Ottmar,
    I am changing my guitar strings soon. I remember you saying you use one different type of string for one of the trings. Can you tell me what strings you use and the tuning?
    Thank you


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