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This Morning, at our long standing weekly breakfast, I gave Jon a CD that contained the latest incarnation of the new album. A couple of hours later I received his suggestions, which started with The Clarity is phenomenal. Those words renewed my strength and I dove right back into the studio.
Have you wondered what that tweet from the other day was about? That one. Here is the answer, the third chorus, followed be the outro of Garden at Dusk. This is the last track on the album and I decided that it should fade slowly and disappear in reverb. Then Jon sent me a whale.


  1. dave

    Well, mystery solved. I thought you had left out an “r” & were talking about a brass whale in a garden. Duh.

  2. Ottmar


  3. Ottmar

    Brass… too shiny for my garden. Not wabi-sabi. Although the rain would take of that and in ten years it would look alright. :-)

    I just remembered that I do have two shiny Buddhas in the yard. But the rain has been peeling the paint away slowly…

  4. Matt Callahan

    Would a “Thar she blows!” be too trite?

    This will be fun on the house speakers. A nice sonic wave.

  5. Brenda

    Music goes forward with a purpose filled deliberate step and then then that beautiful flutter of notes and the drums increase to an stronger intensity and then that embracing sound as listen here I am also :) Like it lots!


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