Saturday in Santa Fe

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Lights glowing under the table. My studio sync clock, an old but sturdy and reliable Aardvark.

…guarded by a spider..
Speaking of spiders: How to trap spiders in a corner. Nice!
Matt sent me this link. Beautiful night photography of Annapurna in Nepal.

Annapurna Moonrise: Night Photography at Base Camp
What is above knows what is below,
but what is below does not know what is above.
One climbs, one sees.
One descends, one sees no longer, but one has seen.

— René Daumal

I like how that poem speaks about mountaineering, but could easily refer to meditation practice.

Incredible Pompidou-Metz Art Museum Rises in France | Inhabitat
Construction is nearly complete on Centre Pompidou-Metz, an incredible new extension of the original Centre Pompidou modern art museum in Paris. Designed by architects Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines, the elegantly sloping structure takes inspiration from the technical properties of Chinese hats and bridges. The building is topped with a curvaceous roof that does a remarkable job of shielding it from the elements while opening up an expansive volume of space dedicated to the arts.

I saw a model of this building at an architectural exhibit in Santa Fe’s Art Museum on the plaza about a month ago. I love Shigeru Bans work.
Copying the American lifestyle a bit too much?

BBC News – China faces ‘diabetes epidemic’, research suggests
China faces a diabetes epidemic, with almost one in 10 adults having the disease while most cases remain undiagnosed, researchers have said.

Tests showed diabetes was more endemic than previously thought, according to the New England Journal of Medicine.

The figures suggest China has some 90 million diabetics, far more than India

Current reading:

I am reading The Winter Thief, Jenny White’s third novel starring Kamil Pasha in Istanbul in the late 19th century, and Europe’s Promise, which SD is reading and recommended to me.

Europe’s Promise | Steven Hill
Europe’s Promise: Why the European Way is the Best Hope in an Insecure Age.

A quiet revolution has been occurring in post-World War II Europe. A world power has emerged across the Atlantic that is recrafting the rules for how a modern society should provide economic security, environmental sustainability, and global stability. For a decade Steven Hill traveled widely to understand this uniquely European way of life. In Europe’s Promise, he explains Europe’s bold new vision.

Now that’s a timelapse!

YouTube – BBC Life – Plants (On Location) in HD
David Attenborough explaining the challenges they had to face filming plants.

I pre-ordered the DVD from amazon. The version narrated by Attenborough, naturally.

James Lovelock: Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change | Environment | The Guardian
Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change from radically impacting on our lives over the coming decades. This is the stark conclusion of James Lovelock, the globally respected environmental thinker and independent scientist who developed the Gaia theory.

Hm, agreed.


  1. yumi

    “What is above knows what is below…”

    Beautiful. Very.

  2. steve

    >James Lovelock: Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change

    Agreed. Completely.

  3. Brenda

    Good Headline about James Lovelock to grab your attention and to become educated about our climate but I disagree that humans are too stupid.. I believe that many humans are too greedy and worship money, position with their peers, and live in fear to stand alone because as a human to take a stand for standards is not stupid. It is so difficult to stand alone and not join the crowd. I am not responsible to change the world but change myself and that is not stupid. As a mother for 25 years, I chose to banish that word many years ago and replace with hope for a positive change.


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