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More mixing. Gave Jon a CD of the current mixes. After listening he called and liked them, which was nice because I had started down a path where I wasn’t sure it was working.
From the always interesting Future Perfect, a lovely photo depicting Water Poetry. How about that Y.!! Some Spring water-calligraphy?
Excellent app. Shows any tour dates of the artists in my iTunes folder or all performances around Santa Fe. Besides being available for Windows and Mac they also have iPhone and Android versions. The iPhone app works very well.

iConcertCal is a free iTunes plug-in that monitors your music library and generates a personalized calendar of upcoming concerts in your city. It supports searches in the US, Canada, and the UK, includes direct links to purchase tickets, and is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

This may be THE most important issue we are facing IMHO. What we do now, or don’t do, will totally change the way our children and our grand-children will live. And by WE I mean everyone on this orbiting biosphere. The economy or health-insurance, everything pales against this issue:

Repower America
Dear Senator:
“We call on Congress to stand up to polluters and ignite a clean energy revolution by passing comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation this year.”

also see:

PNNL: News – Even soil feels the heat
Twenty years of field studies reveal that as the Earth has gotten warmer, plants and microbes in the soil have given off more carbon dioxide. So-called soil respiration has increased about one-tenth of 1 percent per year since 1989, according to an analysis of past studies in today’s issue of Nature.

The scientists also calculated the total amount of carbon dioxide flowing from soils, which is about 10-15 percent higher than previous measurements. That number — about 98 petagrams of carbon a year (or 98 billion metric tons) — will help scientists build a better overall model of how carbon in its many forms cycles throughout the Earth. Understanding soil respiration is central to understanding how the global carbon cycle affects climate.

There is this article in Wired Mag:

As Temperature Rises, Earth Breathes Faster — and Maybe Harder | Wired Science |
As planetary temperatures rise, Earth’s soils release steadily larger amounts of carbon dioxide, according to massive data crunching from hundreds of soil respiration studies published since 1989.

The critical question is whether soils release more CO2 because faster-growing plants pump more in, or if soils release CO2 that would have stayed in the ground at lower temperatures.

If the latter, the fresh influx of CO2 could produce a self-reinforcing cycle, producing higher temperatures that cause even more CO2 to be released.

Water, the oil of the 21st Century (((just ask Nestle and Coca-Cola!!))):

U.N.: Foul water a mass killer
Contaminated and polluted water now kills more people than all forms of violence including wars, according to a United Nations report released Monday that calls for turning unsanitary wastewater into an environmentally safe economic resource.
(Via – World)

This should produce some interesting genetic variations:

Chemical From Plastic Water Bottles Found Throughout Oceans
A research team finds the endocrine-system disruptor bisphenol-A (BPA) at 20 ocean sites around the world. The work reveals the reality of “a new global ocean contamination for long into the future.”
(Via Wired News)

Inspired by Road Warrior. That’s a future I can do without. Have you noticed that we have more dire future predictions that happy ones? We should create more positive ones.

Your Post-Apocalyptic Future: Container Trucks Recycled Into Mobile Homes [Architecture]
ether the trucks were transporting oil, milk or some other sort of liquid, designer Aristide Antonas has conjured up a world where we would recycle the containers into apartments. The gallery below shows a post-apocalyptic world where we remain mobile.
(Via Gizmodo)

Artistic recycling:

ECO ART: Trashed Beer Cans Become Butterflies in Flight
When you take a close look at a beer can, you may notice that they have a really nice arc to them. Artist Paul Villinski has taken that same arc and turned it into butterflies in flight.  Rescuing crushed beer cans from the streets of New York City, Williams carefully cuts each can and creates a marvelous fluttering array. He states that similar to the life of a butterfly, his process is representative of a cultural conversion all its own exploring “themes of transformation and recovery through metamorphosis.”
(Via Inhabitat)

Climate Change Art:

Climate-Based Art
erheggen, who calls Holland his home, installed the first in a series of four sculptures, which will all be placed in geographic areas undergoing severe climate changes (pictured above). Concerned that “climate change brings about cultural change,” the pure iron sculpture represents a dogsled driver from the local Inuit community. A feed allows for remote viewing of the initial sculpture, located on an iceberg in Greenland, online from cool(E)motiontm until it eventually disappears into the sea. Following that, the artwork will be left to biodegrade or saved by the team, depending on if it’s possible to recover without damaging the aquatic environment.
(Via Cool Hunting)

I’ll leave you with this:

What is your first thought?
A) Pretty!
B) Not!
C) MySpace!
D) This expresses Spring better than any poem by Basho!
E) If I could only have that on a t-shirt


  1. Matt Callahan

    Better go with option B.

  2. marijose

    How blingee! Can’t decide between B and C. Too bad these things don’t have Adblock tags.

  3. LindaW

    OMG! B definately!!

    thanks for posting the Repower America info, its a cause I have been a part ofand stood behind since it began, I agree it is #1 priority!

  4. steve

    Can I select “B” and “C” … ?

  5. yumi

    My first thought….this is the most sparkly item I have ever seen in your journal (excluding icicle photos). I close my eyes and can still see the image and feel that sound is somehow missing here.
    …but, aren’t you usually more wabi-sabi in your taste?

    It would be hard to give up on Bash? as tempting as this may be…

  6. dave

    B, definitely.

  7. Brenda

    F) None of the above.. would appeal to little girl’s understanding of feminity and possibility my sorority sister’s would like because our flower is yellow rose but little much ..”different strokes for different folks” but not for me on a T-shirt but if you like it .. go for it .. kind of like the 4th of July and yes it sure is an attention getter and yes, I do design T-Shirts for my clients so yes, I am in the business to please and satisfy.

  8. Brenda

    I realy like the water poetry photo because poetry is a temporary vapor of thought within constant change. Always in the moment of time. Cool. Thanks!

  9. yumi

    Even if you love Basho’s poetry, you can’t call him, “Bash”, even if you are from the neighborhood.
    Where did the “o” go?

  10. Brenda

    WVU Gold Sparkles T-Shirt – FINAL FOUR – Basketball Buds and Blooms Shirt – Oh yes, Blue Leaves :)

  11. Panj

    LOL…well i am certainly in the minority…i LOVE it…in fact, when i saved it, it landed in my file right about the Polish Moth. and i thought how beautiful it would look, if the droplets could sparkle like that…perhaps the lil girl in me coming out…or perhaps just the subject matter…:-)
    …can’t say it in anyway could replace the Poetry tho…just pretty to look at!


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